Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Bunny Calzone Bento

Yes, I know Easter was yesterday, but you know I had to make a bunny calzone, right? I saw so many pictures of cute little bunny breads working up to Easter that I thought: how adorable and easy! Well, not that adorable or easy in reality. Can you see the bunny? Don't lie; it's okay -- I gave my kids unlimited guesses and they never got it. I guess I should have drawn a face in front so you can tell it's sitting there with two front paws and long ears laid against its back. I even made hind legs and a cottontail! I should have put a carrot in its paws as well. Now that would have been cute! He sits in his Sistema multicompartmental box with some broccoli, carrots, clementine, grapes, strawberries, and a lone Okinawan sweet potato star. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. It took me several seconds, but I did see the bunny (I knew from the title) before even reading your description. :)

  2. Hehe. Too cute! I think he also looks like a cute kitty. : ) This bento box is also awesome!

  3. Bun bun .... bunny! I don't know... it is only me? I definitely saw a bunny there. On the other hand, i see things everywhere :P! eheh
    Cute! Might have been delicious too...

    1. Heheeh, me too... I can "see" anything, anywhere... is it a good thing?
      Thanks L!

  4. I can see the bunny. Such a wonderful idea to make a bunny calzone!