Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Chick Mabo Tofu Bento

Did I use this panda box for mapo tofu last time? It just goes so well. I love the recipe, but I have been trying to bridge the gap between the spicy-eaters and the nonspicy-eaters, and this time I mixed some of the spicy batch with the nonspicy batch for the kids' bentos. My girl would have none of it, but my boy actually ate the full spice version (over lots and lots of rice) this time! He probably drank a gallon of water with it, but still! I consider it a victory. The top tier contains some cooling grapes, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, and a little quail egg "Easter chick" -- wearing an Easter hat to boot! It's the week before Easter Sunday, so I thought I'd put a few spring characters in there. Did the tiny fluffy chick want to go along with his buddy?


  1. ^_^ This little guy makes me happy. I needed a pick-me-up this morning. So... when can I come over for dinner? Lol! This looks delicious!

    1. Come on over; I'll wait for you! Thanks Heather :D

  2. Love the hat picks! I just might buy some...

  3. That has got to be the most fashionable chick ever. I love the Easter hat!