Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowman Bento 'R Us!

Snowman Egg Toddler Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I have finished up a week of Snowmen bento, as a kind of fun challenge for myself! I did a similar thing during Halloween, with jack o'lanterns. I think the results here were mixed, with some snowmen turning out cute and others, more - well - interesting. I'll post the series here, and you can decide for yourself! Which one do you like the best?

In this first one, I made TinySprite a snack bento featuring a snowman egg wearing a purple carrot scarf, and with nori facial details and a mini carrot stick nose!
Along with him, she gets a fruit selection of satsuma mandarin, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Also, some edamame skewers.

This guy is made of roasted baby potatoes, and goes with lemon garlic salmon and brussels sprouts, along with purple potato "chips" and starred fruits :)

This happy snowman is made of spinach ravioli with purple potato and purple carrot detail. There are those purple potato chips again!

Okay, the cauliflower snowman isn't quite as cute, but perhaps I can get some props for being adventurous? The fried egg sandwich and 4-bean salad was a hit, though!

The minestrone seemed to call out for a little riceball snowman.

I tried for a nashi (Japan pear) snowman this time, surrounded by fruit! He went with chicken and pickle wraps.
Are all these snowmen starting to make you feel like singing? Go ahead! I know you are, hapa bento ;)Happy winter!
("Frosty the snowman...")


  1. I think that snowman egg is so cute! He's my favourite! I have recently been making cute bento for my 6 year old, after being inspired by you...but I dare not post any because they're rush jobs done in the morning. It's amazing what those cute bento supplies will do to make her eat up. She's finishing all of her lunch now and now I'm searching for the perfect containers!

  2. My favorite is the ravioli snowman ^-^ I love it's face. It looks so cute, hehe.
    And congratulation on your week full of nice snowman.
    Now I am thinking about a song with a snowman, but I don't remember one =/ How sad... and I am a Kindergarten teacher? Maybe I should buy a new songbook with winter songs ^^"

  3. Sheri ... I'm sorry I can't choose only one. I love them all. You are sure the winner, the challenge is making you more creative to create those cute and lovely bento. I'm happy and feeling very lucky that I can see your amazing works on bento (^.^)

  4. ha ha ha....they all look so lovely, can't decide which i like best. well done.

  5. Cakebrain, that's awesome! That's really impressive, and I would like to see your creations too :) It's no secret that kids think cute food is better! Have fun with your bentomaking!
    Thanks Lil'chan! Do you sing Frosty the Snowman? That's the only snowman song I know! Ask your kids, they'll tell you what songs they know!
    Lia, so sweet of you as always... I am fortunate to have you giving me encouraging comments with each effort I make, thanks to you! ^_^
    javapot, thanks a lot!

  6. Sheri, I love the cauliflower snowman! It's the most artistic of all :D. See, the man is just going to melt! :D

  7. tatabonita, you are right, of course...he does look about to melt! Only an artist would see that :)
    Thank you dear!

  8. Hi Sheri!
    I love all of these adorable snowmen, but something about the dapper, red-scarved smiling guy accompanying the garlic salmon bento really captures my heart! Great idea to choose a theme like this one and work out so wonderful variations!

  9. Hi bentobird! Thank you for liking the littlest snowman! He is a chipper one, isn't he :) So nice to have you visit!

  10. I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bentos. They are so super adorable. Keep up the most excellent work!

  11. Thanks a lot merryvegetarian!! Appreciate your compliments, and glad to have you visit :)

  12. aww! the first and second snowmen are my fav!

  13. the egg snowman is just amazing!