Thursday, April 8, 2010

Panda Egg Wraps Bento

Panda Egg Wraps Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I guess it's sandwich week, 'cuz we've got another sandwich today! Well, wrap. This one has ham, cheese, avocado, green olive tapenade and spring greens all rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla. I wrapped them in wax paper (bottoms are also folded in) to minimize fallout while the boy eats.

This is the very first time I've used this bento box without all the inserts, and I've used it at least 20 times! I was a little nervous at first, but everything just fell into place. I would have taken all the inserts out, but I was pretty sure the panda egg in his asparagus forest would need extra propping up. The panda is a hard-boiled egg with nori and radish (eye) details. I free-cut the nori, and don't know why he's so grouchy looking. Maybe he was hoping for actual bamboo.

I also added a few baby carrots and a half radish in that cup with him. Finally, I squeezed in a few supersweet strawberries and some red grapes. We had another beautiful spring day today! We'll have to appreciate this weather while it lasts, since the rains are coming back this weekend. Have a good one, friends :)


  1. ok, i know this is going to sound like BS, but i swear, when you tweeted about arugula before i was going to tweet back that you should do a wrap for bento -- i got busy with other stuff, but we were totally on the same wavelength!

    the wrap sounds yum (mmmm olive tapenade) and the panda egg is adorable. are you guys SF giants fans? this household is... i love me some pablo "panda" sandoval, and we are 3 for 0, so this panda is really revving up my team spirit!

  2. I love the sound of the wrap fillings! This bento looks delicious and healthy.

  3. I love the fillings in this wrap. This cute bento looks delicious and healthy.

  4. The panda looks like the character in Kung Fu Panda hehehe ... cute! Nice to see everything for the wrap filling. So much green and it's healthy. We will have a hot day this weekend, so wanna change? (^.^)

  5. mmmm. sounds delish!

    do you hand cut the little bits in the radish or have a cutter that does that?

    I love the panda's frown. He's upset that the rains are coming back for the weekend!


  6. LOL, he does look a little put out!! But he's still a cutie! :D What a delicious bento, I love the wraps- especially with tapenade!

  7. I'm so excited to check out your cutie pie boxes. They definitely inspire ME to eat healthier because the food looks SO appetizing!

  8. Haha, megan ~ I believe you! Thanks! We've been on the same wavelength before. I know about you and your "Panda" love, and I am for sure happy about it. I was an A's fan for a long time, and I feel bad about abandoning them, but this year I'm thinking it might be fun to back the Giants...

    Thanks Debra, for your double sweet comments, hehe!

    Lia, he does have that chubby look, you're right! Thanks! I will always trade for hot weather, no problem :)

    Susan B, thanks! I hand-cut the radish. It's easy; you just make v-shaped cuts with a small paring knife, and the slivers just slip out. I think you're right about the rains; there will be a frown on my face too!

    Thanks Susan! Grouchy but cute; I'm familiar with that look... hehe!

  9. Laura, Thank you!! I hope you can get a chance to make a lovely healthy bento lunch too :)

  10. Even if the panda looks grouchy, he's still a cutie :o)

    I love the green filling of the wraps (olive tapenade yummy) and the whole presentation of your bento.

    Have a great weekend (and if you could send some sun my way, it would be greatly appreciated :o))

  11. definitely come back to the giants! we're going to have a good year! :-) (not that i'm advocating fair-weather-fanship, just sayin'...)

  12. This panda could start a new genre of kawaii-"grouchy cute"! Your wrap ingredients sound so especially yummy--totally fresh, springy and satisfying, sherimiya! Take care and have a lovely weekend, rain or shine!

  13. Thanks a lot Ingrid--your sweet comment is sure to change his outlook! Sunshine coming your way (I hope!)

    Megan, the A's might finally have a good year too-- I mean how can you not love Kurt Suzuki? I need a little more time to decide...

    Bentobird, I think I might just be able to pull off grouchy-cute, if only it were desirable to view in one's bento! My boy brought home an empty box, so I guess that's what counts. Wishing you a delightful weekend too; hope to read about some lovely new discoveries soon :)

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  15. My goodness, this is just the cutest thing! Simply adorable.
    *kisses* HH

  16. Thanks a lot Heavenly Housewife!! How sweet :)

  17. I am in love with the panda!!!

  18. Awww, you have a soft spot that melts the grouchy panda heart.... thank you Marysol!!