Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4-Section Variety Bento

4-Section Variety Bento by sherimiya ♥
4-Section Variety Bento, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
Today I made a fun one for TinySprite. This is a 4-sectioned plain old plasticware container that I used to use for my kids when they were babies. I distinctly remember packing this box to go to the park with MisterMan, my moms' group, and their babies. I'd put cottage cheese in one part, scrambled eggs in another, kale-oatmeal (yes, for real!), and sweet potato or some kind of fruit. I always thought of it as baby-sized, but now that I dug it out of the cabinet, it looks like a good size for my preschooler actually. Yeah, MM has always been a HUGE eater. TinySprite's appetite has been unpredictable recently, and she's getting over a bug of some kind, and we're also trying a gluten-free diet with her for awhile, so I thought this box would be appropriate and fun for a change. She ate this one at home with me, so I got to watch. She loved looking at all the different portions. The first thing she downed was the corn tortilla/cheese/spinach wraps, then the yogurt with strawberries and sunflower seeds. She then informed me that she doesn't like blood oranges, so I had to swap those out for cara cara oranges. She stared at the sauteed mushroom/zucchini for a long time, and let me tell you she actually liked the lettuce leaf better. She did end up eating the whole thing, though, and even shared my green smoothie afterwards. Success!


  1. ow...you so much remind me to use mine.
    I have to dig it out too...I left it somewhere hm...
    All the healthy stuff inside...Love it :)

  2. That does look like it holds a lot. I think my favorite part would be the mushrooms. :)

    1. Mine too... what can she be thinking?
      Thanks Heather :D

  3. It's absolutely lovely! I adore how colourful it is~ I could have this bento myself :)


  4. This whole blog is a great example to parents on how to make healthy food bright, colourful and fun.

  5. These look fantastic! Never mind the kids, I want these!

  6. Such a colourful and pretty lunchbox, the Japanese certainly know how to make appealing looking lunches!