Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Bunny BBQ Chickenwich

Continuing on with the bunny theme, I've made a cheese bunny for TinySprite to top her DIY mini-sandwiches. I made a crockpot of slow-cooked barbeque pulled chicken, which the kids like because it's sweet. Instead of premaking the sandwiches, I decided to keep the filling separate so that the bread wouldn't get soggy. I did prepack the bread (whole wheat mini-sandwich thins) with baby spinach greens. She can use her fork to scoop the chicken into the bread (or she could eat everything separately, as my boy has been known to do) when she's ready to eat. There's a gigantic strawberry, some grapes and some blueberries, peapods and carrots to round out this bento. And of course, the cheese bunny with her nori face and Okinawan sweet potato flower. All packed in our new-ish Chococat box. I'm so happy with the way it all fit into this one. ^_^


  1. your bunny looks pretty
    I love how she wears the purple flower he he he

  2. She's dressing up for Easter :D
    Thanks Yenny!

  3. Hey! That pretty bunny could visit us! Hop hop!
    Deconstructed sandwich... so good!! The perfect "almost" finger-food ;)
    Sweet pink chicks too!

    1. Maybe a DIY lunch will encourage her to focus on eating instead of gabbing...
      Thanks L!