Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quail Egg Easter Bunny

Okay, one last Easter one.
A cute little quail egg bunny. So easy, anyone can do it. The hardest part is poking the cheese ears into the egg far enough so that they stand up (you have to poke pretty far). Then just sit him in a bowl of rice, add the nori face, sriracha cheeks, pink somen whiskers, and wait for the kiddos to go "Ohhhh sooo cute!" Imagine a whole basket full of baby bunnies? Or bunnies and chickies? Awwwww!


  1. NOOO!! Easter is gone already!!! But hey! You can keep doing those sweet bunnies for us to admire ;), I don't mind!
    So kawaii for words!

  2. Cheery sweet and yes let's keep the Easter spirit going!

  3. Do u know off hand if kids with traditional egg allergies can eat quail eggs or other non-chicken eggs?

    1. I don't know for sure, so I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction. They seem/taste similar to me, though.