Monday, August 22, 2011

Roadtrip Bento 2: Mickey & Minnie

Roadtrip Bento 2 by sherimiya ♥
Roadtrip Bento 2, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
The weekend before school started we took a roadtrip to L.A.; a last chance to enjoy some warm summer weather and time with family. I packed our three-tier tiffin with some munchies to tide the kids over during the long ride. They each got a char siu bao, and they shared an assortment of fruit I packed in the bottom tier. I've made several different character baos (Ponyo, AstroBoy, Harajuku Lovers, Totoro, Shifu, Hello Kitty, Hamtaro, Kireizukin Seikatsu, and Pikachu) but never Mickey and Minnie Mouse! So that's what I did. Yes, I know they look like monkeys. That's why I used the little flag picks, to add a little power of suggestion. TinySprite got Minnie, with eyelashes and mouth cut from nori, and a strawberry bow. MisterMan got Mickey. Both have grape eyes and noses, with cheese detail. I cut their faces with my paring knife and used the extra for their ears. Their fruit section contains strawberries, grapes, cherries, plum and nectarine. I chilled that tier so that it stayed nice and cool. The temps in the Central Valley reached 100+, so it was a nice cool treat!


  1. I like the strawberry bow! And you need to put on the flags coz I could guess the characters!:D

  2. Thank you Bobo!!
    Thanks Aarthi :)
    Awwww, Xelia, you're so sweet! Thanks, hehe!

  3. Speechless ..... Both Mickey & Minnie bao are so cute! And yeay ... matched the picks too (^.^)

  4. I love the profile on Mickey! Seeing them makes me want to go back to Disney! :)

  5. So super cute and creative! I love Minnie's strawberry bow! :)