Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunshine Thai Curry Bento

Sunshine Thai Curry Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Hapabento started a sunshiny trend that I think we should continue, especially since we have been "blessed" with very dark wintry days recently.
So here's my sunshine bento: Leftover Thai chicken and vegetable curry including zucchini and eggplant, rice topped with yellow pepper sun, 2 color carrot skewer (orange and maroon), romanesco and grape tomatoes. Fruit box contains sliced strawberry and blood orange wedges.

Who's next with the sunshine? Please pass it along! :)


  1. the sunshine is adorable, well done with the sesame seeds! and those blood oranges look fantastic, nice market find.

    um, and do i spy some crinkle-cut cuke baran not even in the above description?! this is a greatest hits bento!

  2. Cute sunshine is smiling on us! This bento is really help to swing my 'cloudy mood'. I agree with Megan, those blood oranges look very nice. What is the taste of romanesco Sheri?

  3. OMG Please Please Please can you come to my house and make bentos for me. That looks so good. I still haven't found any place around here that has a large variety of fruits and vegetables. I have been dying to try some romanesco, it looks so cute in there.

  4. Busted. I forgot to mention the cuke baran. I meant to keep the curry off the veggies but now that I look at it, it doesn't really matter. I bet he'll mix it all up anyway.
    The blood oranges are cool-looking in bento, aren't they? A little alarming to eat (for me) at first, though :)
    Thanks megan!

    Thanks Lia, your bento have exactly the same uplifting mood effect on me. I need to put yours on my wallpaper so I can look at them every morning, hehe!
    To me romanesco has little taste, like cauliflower. My kids will eat it raw or steamed.

    Marisa, I will be happy to make your bento if you make room at your dinner table for me to enjoy your meals! The lack of variety is the same for me at this time of year. Only thing in season locally is citrus, and the usual leafy greens. Luckily my local farmer somehow always grows romanesco, purple and gold cauliflower. Don't know how he does it. Wish I could send you some! It's pretty cool-looking :)
    Thanks a lot!!

  5. awww... "Let the sunshine in" Blood oranges are so cool. Well done! If we persist maybe the real sunlight will follow our trend. :)

  6. Thanks for the inspiration Debra!
    Let's keep the sun shining, at least in our bento :)

  7. cute sunshine - not easy with the sesame seed. something changed in your layout - how did i miss it earlier?

  8. I was excited to see what you would do with the blood oranges when you twittered about picking some up. It looks just as yummy as I imagined!

  9. Lovely (what an ode to colorful fruit!)and as hapa said, "Let the sunshine in"! If anyone's bentos could charm the sun to shine our way, they would be yours, sherimiya!

  10. Yummy! And soooo great blood oranges! I was not able to find some this winter >.<

    Hehe, I will join the sun theme ;)

  11. Hi javapot. You're right, I should have mentioned about the layout change, but actually only a couple people mentioned it -0- the observant few like you! I have heard from folks that it was hard to read white on black, so even though I thought it looked cool, I changed it. Maybe I'll get more readers, haha!

    About the sesame seed face, just use some oil and it will stay! Thanks :)

    Hi Melanie! Yeah! I'm always excited to find unusual produce. They add zing to the bento :)

    Hi Bentobird! Soo sweet with your compliments as usual! Let's sing it together and maybe we can convince the sun to do just that! Thank you dear :)

    Hi Lil'chan! Sorry about the blood oranges, but they really don't taste as sweet as the regular ones, so you're not really missing out that much. Thanks for joining in the sun theme around the world!