Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Penguin Egg Bento

Penguin Egg Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
TinySprite got a penguin hard-boiled egg made with nori and carrot beak detail. I should have used the other end for the head, so it wouldn't be so pointy, but oh well. She also got carrot sticks, broccoflower, cherry, kiwi, mini mandarin, sliced strawberry, and cinnamon banana discs on a cute marlin skewer! I got this skewer from a bento pal as a gift -- thank you! There are other fish in the set too, and I really love them!

When I gave this to her, she said "Oh! Can I eat the snowman?" What?!
Penguin, I said, penguin! Oh, penguin, she repeated.
Sigh. Oh well.


  1. such a cutie penguin!!! and the tiny mandarin is cute - i know you love your minis. the marlin (i thought it was a swordfish at first) is very cool - nice bento pal you have!

    and cinnamon on bananas is a fantastic idea - i'm definitely going to steal that :-)

  2. Hi megan,
    Thanks! I know, I lovelovelove these mini mandarins to itty bitty bits!!
    I hesitated before choosing marlin over swordfish, and leave it to you to call me on it. I had to google images, and I'm gonna stick by marlin! I checked out the dorsal fins and I think that's the right species ;)Bento pals are the best kind, aren't they?!
    Yup, you have to use cinnamon on bananas, I think it's a bento law!

  3. It's a sailfish!!! Just kidding. I vote marlin.

    What a cutie patootie sleepy penguin! I wouldn't worry about the pointy head. Adele penguins have pointy heads. :)

    I love the egg as a penquin idea and I will need to borrow that image for a future bento. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  4. Argh! I didn't even consider sailfish, Debra, and you KNOW I had to look it up! Sure enough, it does look sailfish-y...
    Thanks for the pointy headed penguin vote! Let's pass around the penguin idea, since it's cold enough around here to feel like Antarctica!

  5. What a cute egg pingu! I am giggling here because of the 'marlin'. It looks like he stuck on the banana before get a chance to attack the cute pingu :D ... And the Hello Kitty fork is cute too! Have so much fun with this bento.

  6. Hi Lia!
    Haha, lucky for pingu the bananas saved him, only to be swallowed by the toddler girl...
    Thanks for your funny and sweet comments, happy to bring a smile to you :)

  7. whoaahhh this is so creative and cute! snowman? sounds funny, too *ggg*

  8. Thanks Token!
    Yeah, hope she wasn't too disappointed, haha!

  9. Hehe, children are so cute ;)
    But I think it is really a penguin.
    THis snack looks yummy and fresh ^.^

  10. My three year old thought my butterfly tattoo was a TREE. haha. So I feel you.
    At least she wanted to eat it- and it's so adorable, as always!! ^_^

  11. Sublimely cute! Seeing this sweet, peaceful penguin makes me happy indeed...

  12. that's such an adorable penguin! Proves that you don't need an egg mould to make boiled eggs cute - well, unless you're me! I can barely work the egg mould at the moment!

    I like the mini mandarin too - absolutely minute!

  13. What a sweet lunch! I love the colors of the strawberry next to the kiwi.

  14. Aww what a cute penguin-snowman :D I love the little fish pic it's great!

  15. So cute! I too may have to borrow that idea someday :)

  16. Lil'chan, Thanks for your vote, hehe!

    Hi Melanie, Silly kids, thanks for your support :)

    Bentobird, Thank you dearly!

    eatlunch, I don't even have any egg molds! You're right, this way is much better ;) Thanks very much!

    Fluteloop, Thanks! I love your bento too :)

    Jenn, thanks, so kind of you!

    Kashmirkat, Thank you! Hope to see penguin egg in your bento soon :)

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So much cuteness, I can't stand it!
    Your boxes are so wonderful all the time. I wish I was that creative. Until then, I am going to make all your bentos.
    Love them!

  18. Thanks a lot urban craft!! So sweet of you; I really appreciate your nice comments!! I get lots of inspiration from other bentomakers; I hope to see yours soon too... :)

  19. Hi! I love your bento. I was wondering, how did the carrot stick to the egg?

  20. Thanks! I just lay the carrot on the egg. If you want to secure it better, poke it into the egg white.