Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roasted Salmon 'n Stuff Bento

Roasted Salmon 'n Stuff Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Hi everyone! I'm finally back to bento. I'm out of practice, though, so it may take me awhile to relearn how to do it nice...

Here's a roasted salmon, and yes those are chili flakes. MisterMan ate some kimchi over the break, and I am hoping it means his taste buds are becoming more tolerant of the spicy stuff ('cuz his dad & I LOVE spicy!). He ate it for dinner, and didn't say anything about it, so I'm gonna try more hot stuff too. Yippee! I also threw some garlic powdered fingerling potatoes in the pan along with some balsamic vinegared brussels sprouts. Tossed with olive oil and left for about 20 minutes. I'm another one who often makes the whole meal in the toaster oven; it's sooo convenient, and you often don't need to add much to the vegetables when you cook this way, retaining their healthful qualities.

I added some cherry tomatoes dressed up as cherries for a pop of color, and I also put in some real cherries, and the winter necessity - apple bunnies. I rarely make apple bunnies because there are so many other (better--sorry apple bunnies!) fruits available throughout the year that I use those when I can. But, in the winter the pickings are slim, and here's when I turn to those dependable apples to help my bento look nice. *sigh*
And those cool pencil chopsticks! I have to say Thank You to gamene, for sending them to me as a sweet new year's surprise waiting for me in the mail just today!

Happy New Year, friends. Are you resolving to make more bento this year?


  1. i'm loving the play between the cherries and the tomato "cherries," and glad to hear there are other toaster roasters out there!!

  2. u are back, great. nice box and those brussel sprouts do look good.

  3. Thanks megan! Toaster roasters unite!
    Thanks javapot! It's nice to bento again :)

  4. The chopsticks are great! Glad to see you back.. hope you had a nice visit with your family!

  5. You don't know how happy I would be to have fresh cherries right now! So I love your bento ;)

  6. Looks delicious! The pencil chopsticks are so cute too!

  7. A yummy roaster bento! Truly lush and gorgeous tones and textures here with beautiful salmon, sprouts and potatoes playing off those amazing ultra-violets and blues. Bento love.

  8. I love spicy things, too :D Can't get enough of Kimchi ^^ Your bento looks so delicious <3 I wish I could have some real fresh cherries! :/

  9. Beautiful salmon bento and those brussels sprouts are perfectly roasted!! I am a spicy food lover too, luckily my hubby shares similar tastes. :) It's great to see all of your lovely bentos again!

  10. You don't have to practice Sheri, you are born naturally as a bento maker hehehe ... I mean it. Love the bento, and your roasted salmon looks pro! Yummy yummy :)

  11. Thanks Angi, we had a great time!

    Lil'chan, thanks! I didn't realize cherries were "in season" but they were in my grocery.I'm with you, I miss the summer fruits :)

    Jenn, thanks! They are awesome :)

    bentobird, thanks for your eloquent and generous comment as usual.. you always make me smile :)

    Token, thanks. I could just eat kimchi and rice -- and I would be totally satisfied. :)

    Thanks Susan! Yeah, my hubs and I both LOVE spicy. We just have to work on the kids now. :)

    Hi Rachel... yeah, I know!!

    Hi Lia, you're so sweet!! Thanks for your always kind words. I appreciate it a lot!!