Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 101 Blog Award!

I was very honored to receive this award from Jenn of BentoforKidlet! She is a great mom who makes a bento for her son every day, with a cute character to brighten his school lunches. Please check out her blog to see her wonderful creations!
Here's what I'm supposed to do:

Copy the award image into a post.
List 10 things that make you happy.
Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
Put in a link to their blogs.
Notify the award receivers.
Recipients should link back to the sender's blog. (I say this can be optional. If I have given you an award you are in no way obligated to link back to me, just enjoy your award!)

Okay, here are my 10 things that make me happy:

1) Family, friends and wonderful people in general.

2) Chocolate chip cookies, preferably homemade, that are crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, with nuts and dark chocolate chips.

3) A good book. I like novels and my favorite authors are Kundera, Tan, and Eco. But I recently discovered the spy/adventure genre, and now I am working my way through Clive Cussler. He writes about adventure on the high seas with a scientific bent, which is cool.

4) Swimming. Also, the ocean, and water in general. When I first started seriously swimming, it was a spiritual experience for me. It helps me keep things in perspective, and I have a whole philosophy about the myriad ways it improves me. Maybe for another post.

5) Travel. Before kids, we traveled a lot! It felt a bit indulgent then, but now we are definitely glad we did it, since it will be many, many years before we can travel in quite the same way again (with carefree abandon and no reservations).

6) Music. Especially acoustic, folky, guitar vocally stuff (remember Indigo Girls "Closer to Fine"?) because it brings me back to my salad days of grad school. I feel nostalgic about those days even though I was poor, stressed and fatigued because in a way that's when I felt most appreciative of everything. It's good to remember what it means to not take anything for granted.

7) Minis. Not the skirts -- just teeny tiny things. Anything! I love miniature food toys like Re-Ment, mini bento, mini dollhouses with furniture, even terrariums that evoke miniecosystems. I like tiny notebooks and pencils, bonsai and dwarf fruits like lady apples and mini mandarins. Did I mention I used to be a microbiologist?

8) Andy Garcia and Robert De Niro. And The Godfather.

9) Making bento, shopping for bento stuff, thinking and planning bento, looking at everyone else's bento blogs and flickr pools, skimming through bento cookbooks, admiring my own stash, drawing sketches of dream bento creations, and on and on...

10) My morning coffee and toast. And newspaper. In the morning sun. With the dog at my feet and the kids still in bed. I love to start the day peacefully and slowly, because after that it doesn't quiet down again until bedtime!

Okay! Now for the 10 bloggers that brighten my day: Well, it seems most of them have already been given this award... if this is true for you, that's ok, I just want to let you know that I love your blog and look forward to reading the interesting and cool ideas and experiences you share with us!
Gnoe of Graasland
Natakiya of Bento Anarchy
Mook of French Bento
Ceinwyn of Bento Bliss
Michelle of Foodie Footsteps


  1. I knew there was something, besides bentos and swimming, that I liked about you. The Godfather! :)

  2. Hi Debra! Yeah, The Godfather! That's really all you have to say. I mean, De Niro has never been better.

  3. tks for nominating me :)

    yum on choc chips - love walking past Famous Amous (they sell choc chips cookies freshly baked) - always get me craving!!

    didn't know u were a microbiologist, how neat is that!

    Share almost same as your list esp. #5 & 10. :) *but sorry, not too keen on Robert De Niro*

  4. Thank's for giving me this nice award ^-^ I love reading your blog, too.

  5. Hi Sheri!
    Many thanks for sharing this award with me!
    OMG the Godfather--yes indeed! Was Pacino ever more broodingly beautiful than in the first film? And De Niro in part two, so incredibly magnetic and charming (also in part 2, love the Little Italy street sequences--the whole feel of turn-of-last century Italian lower Manhattan recreated so knowingly and well).

    Loved learning more about you in this post!

  6. Thank you SO much sherimiya, you're too kind!!!

    You scared me a minute talking about minis... But of course I knew you were not talking about the skirts! LOL

  7. Thank you SO MUCH! I just love you!! I have to say you now have me addicted to our Daiso store--I'm always sneaking in to grab cheap bento supplies. You're inspiring!

  8. Hi Lil'chan! Thank YOU! Happy to give it to you :)

    Hi Bentobird! I love your blog! And yes, I love the old Little Italy powerful and unforgettable, with the music and de Niro's natural ease... Thanks!

    gnoegnoe, HAHA! Happy to award you and your lovely blog!! Thank you dear!

    Hi Mandy, You are too kind!! I am so happy to have hooked you on Daiso, haha! Thank you for your sweet comments and visits, I really appreciate it! :D:D

  9. thanks again for the award.
    My answer is up on FrenchBento

  10. Thanks for playing mook! I loved your answers!!

  11. Hi Sheri - Thank you so kindly for the award! I've been so slow getting back to posting. I will get back to it very soon, I hope.

    So you are a microbiologist ! I do microscope work for archaeologists - looking at phytoliths, and I too like all things mini. (Even named my first cat Mini).

  12. Hi Judy!
    Never too late to play! Or just come over to visit :)
    Cool that you do microscopic work as well!
    As for minis, I even drive a Mini, heheh!