Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hakoya Flower Bento Box & Blog Awards

This is my special bento box purchase from my recent trip to Hawaii (on sale at Shirokiya): a floral shaped two-tiered lacquer Hakoya bento box.

Each tier has a tight-fitting plastic lid, and they fit together, fastened with a red velcro belt (not pictured).

Here is the best part of the box: a three-sectioned divider that fits in the top tier. Isn't that cool? Can't wait to use it :)

Now on to some blog awards!

First, I would like to thank tatabonita of Bonito's Cooking Wonderland for giving me this sweet holiday award! If you haven't checked out her blog, you really should! She has cute bento and great recipes with beautiful photography. Thank you dear, I really appreciate your encouragement and kind comments!

Secondly, I got this wonderful award from Lia of MyBentolicious, whose blog I also love; I should be giving her this award instead! Lia has lots of tips, recipes and of course examples of her detailed and elegant bento.

So sweet of you both; I am very grateful for bento blogging friends like you!


  1. I love this bento. The design feels like Hawai'i to me. Can't wait to see what you put in it.

  2. Ooooh...ahhhh! Supreme bento box, both beautiful and practical. Can't wait to see you fill it. Congrats on adding to your well deserved collection of awards.

    Hey, you redecorated! Lovely. I must go and catch up on your previous posts!

  3. Pretty bento box! Looks so elegant. Your fresh and colorful bento will be nice in this box, can't wait to see ... no pressure though hehehe :)

  4. I love it! The three section divider is so nice!

  5. What a cute box! I love the three section divider!

  6. I love this bento box because I just got one too! :D LOL, we have great taste. I really love the banner at the top with all of the bentos, it looks fantastic!

  7. Oohhh, a very special bento box--unique, elegant and versatile--I can't wait to see how you will use it! So fun to start the new year with new and inspiring bento materials, Nice bright new site look (tho I loved the dramatic look of the older one, too!)and congrats on your well deserved awards, sherimiya!!

  8. Oh my! What a wonderful box! It's elegant and the form is beautiful ^-^ You are really lucky to be the proud owner of it ;) Really, I am jealous!

    Oh, and congratulation to all your great awards!

  9. Thanks Marisa!
    Hi Debra, I want to use this one for myself, or to share, since it's so big. Thanks for your nice words :)
    Hi Lia, thanks a lot, and for the award too. I finally post about it :)
    Thanks Jenn! It is cool :)
    Thanks Melanie!
    Hi Susan, Yeah, we sure have a lot of the same boxes, don't we? We do have great taste :) Thanks for your feedback on the banner too. It was a lot of work (for me)!
    Thanks so much Bentobird, It is definitely a great way to start off the new year! I love a shiny new box! Appreciate your kind words :)
    Hi Lil'chan, Thank you so much dear; you are so kind! :)

  10. What a beautiful Jubako-Bento-Box! I love Hakoya-Stuff! The three sections are great, wow! I'm in love with that box he he <3

  11. Hi Token!
    Me too, I love this elegant box! I so rarely pack "elegant" bento, but it's still so nice to have, and look at. Thanks!

  12. this box is some serious awesomeness! i can't wait to see how you use it!!

  13. Riiiight? Right now I'm in the admiringly infatuated stage! But I think I will pack a bento for me...

  14. I just started collecting bento boxes. I have 2 sets so far.

    That's one I would love to collect.

    I'm planning a trip to Hawaii in October and I will be sure to check out the collection at Shirokiya among others.

  15. holly,
    Yeah, it's awesome. Make sure you have lots of room in your suitcase :D

  16. Prettiness! I love that it has a divider in it. I don't like my food mixing up as well. Where do you get all this awesome bento boxes?

  17. All kinds of places -- this one is from a Japanese department store in Hawaii. You can also check online stores like J-list and ebay.Good luck!