Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chow Mein Bento

Chow Mein Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Chow mein with various veggies, satsumaimo flowers, broccoli, peapods, roasted sweet peppers, garlic roasted purple potatoes. Fruit side has grapes, one whole satsuma mandarin, and purple carrot discs. I wanted some contrast to the orange, and wished I had blueberries. Oh well -- the purple carrots seemed to do a sufficient job.

This is a handy Monday bento, when after the weekend I am too tired to cook anything. A quick chow mein can be supplemented with onions and mushrooms, then roast a few other things on the side and add them too. Even decoration is minimal, with only simple florettes. Still, the effect may be pleasing, especially since the boy loves fried noodles (his favorite food, I think!)


  1. It's simple but beautiful! Like you have said earlier: Everything looks special in this round box =)

  2. Sheri, you have a very talented hands. Everything you make is so special. Truly, this is what I believe ;o)

  3. Sheri: I have loved seeing what you have done with the Bentos. I would love to try them, but am a little confused. Are they eaten cold? If not, are they just taken apart and heat what needs heated at lunch?

  4. Thanks Lil'chan, Swee San, Lia and Cheryl!
    So true about the round box Lil'chan!
    I am a color fanatic Swee San :)
    Lia, you are too sweet, thank you for the kind words :)
    Cheryl, Thank you! My boy take them to school as is, and eats them at closer to room temp. Since he's in 1st grade, they don't heat up the kids' lunches. But if you had a meal that should be heated, you could use a thermal container, which is what lots of folks use. They stay hot up to 5 hours. And your suggestion about taking out sections to heat up would also work for a box like this one, with separate parts.I hope you do try to make bento! It's a lot of fun :)

  5. How these beautifully arranged veggies and fruit sizzle and pop with color! The background material is a most effective and lovely counterpoint to the citrus, greens and purples of your edible artist's palette of produce--bravo!

  6. Such a pretty bento! I saw your ravioli and egg snow men on Flikr too, they are so cute! You are so creative with the different materials you use. :)

  7. Bentobird, hello! You are a dear, thank you for the kind compliments!

    Hi Susan, I might try for a snowman series... unless I run out of ideas! Better not make any promises, I think! Thanks a lot!