Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teriyaki Salmon & Asparagus Bento

Wild salmon teriyaki with roasted asparagus thrown in there too. Baked purple potato "chips", cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Fruit side has satsuma mandarin, kiwi and raspberries. Yellow carrot added a bright punch with flower and star cutouts. The stars are cut out by hand, very simply with a knife tip. I am really liking the bright intensity of the yellow carrots -- I think I'll be using it quite a bit during these dark days of winter.
No holiday details here (too tired to think of any)! Maybe tomorrow...


  1. A colorful and bright bento in winter is so nice. Teriyaki Salmon is one of my favorite dishes. I want to do a colorful fruity bento again, too, but in winter everything colorful gets ridiculously expensive (like cherries for 12€/kg)...well I think I will stick to apple bunnies for the rest of the winter ;)

  2. Salmon teriyaki nyum nyum ... fantastic food color combination, you are the 'Shifu' Sheri (^.^)

  3. Thanks Amaaris! I am the same -- I love the colors of summer for bento and feel anxious in the winter! I am trying to delay the apple bunnies as long as I can, haha!

    Lia, you make me laugh! Not a shifu, no way! Always learning... from talented bentoists like you ^_^

  4. No winter theme, but so bright and colorful, reminds me of summer.
    And it looks delicious. I love salmon <3

  5. Lil'chan, let's pretend it's summer... ahhh...