Monday, December 7, 2009

The Floating Bento

The Floating Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I have powers of levitation that I put to use in my magical bento today...what do you think? Actually, the light blue background I used just makes it appear as if there's no background at all! Also, it must have been a particularly bright day. Now that the days are getting shorter, I find my pictures might be getting darker with more shadows. Since I have no professional lighting equipment, this lack of natural light must be reflected in my photos, *sigh*. Do you use high-wattage lamps? Or like me, is the quality of your photo dependent upon the weather?

MisterMan has standard vermicelli noodles with grilled chicken, cherry tomato, cucumber baran, broccoli, purple potato wedges and bursting yellow carrots. Fruit side has satsuma mandarins, grapes (underneath), kiwi, blackberries and raspberries.

This bento is so simple, but it includes my boy's favorite kind of food: noodles, so I know it will be a hit. As for the rest of it, as usual I just throw in whatever I have in the vegetable crisper, making sure there is representation of most of the color groups. This is for nutritional balance as well as aesthetics. Starting after this bento, I am trying to put a festive touch into each one. There are only a few weeks left until Christmas, so we might as well make the most of it, right? Happy holidays, friends!


  1. the colours in your box is certainly festive. agree with you that when the lighting is right, its amazing what comes out :)

  2. gee, you're doing fabulously well with your photos despite the fact that you complain about lighting issues. I think my life was eased quite a bit when I purchased Lowel Ego lights online and them created my own "food porn" studio downstairs in the basement. This way, I don't have to worry about the lack of light...which is often in the winter in Vancouver. I love the colours in the bento!

  3. I live in a dark room with only one window and not enough light to make pictures without shadows even in summer =/
    But yours looks great! Don't know why you tell us something from problems ;)
    I'm looking forward to your Christmas bentos =)

  4. I also only use natural light which is sun to take my bento pictures. I always shoot in the morning, kind of amateur so I don't have any high-wattage lamps :p No matter what the weather is, your bento always bring smile and love Sheri (^.^)

  5. Yes it does look like it's floating!

    Looks delicious as always!

  6. I would never of guessed that you are not using extra lighting for your fab photos. I struggle with my food pix because I make my bentos late at night. I only have kitchen fluorescent and dining room lights.

    But back to your bento... which looks yummy as usual. The floating effect adds interest and fun.

  7. before reading your text, I though wow, great shot! and I though the floating was referring to the little duck, ahahah

    I use natural light only. I take my pictures at home outside in the yard in late Spring, Summer and early fall. Otherwise, I shoot right before eating at work (real quick, when no one's looking)....

    I'd love to build a light box, but I have no room for one.

  8. javapot, Thank you.I appreciate your positive words.
    Cakebrain, wow, you are fortunate to have a photo studio; I would love to have that; I could understand how it might make life easier :)
    Lil'chan, I know how you feel; we have our share of dark days too.. and that's how it is. I am impressed by you and others who can show a lovely bento despite the weather :)
    Lia, I can tell you take advantage of the morning sun, it shows in your bright and cheerful bento! Thank you for always encouraging me with your sweet words :)
    BentoforKidlet, thank you very much!
    Hapa bento, I can't believe you take your pics with kitchen flourescents! They certainly do not look it; the colors are very true. Thank you so much for your appreciative comments!
    hi mook, You're so funny! The duck does look floating, haha! I can tell your pics are all taken in natural light, and that light is so perfect where you are in France! I am so envious!! Like you I wish I could have a light box. It would be such a treat, but alas, I could not justify more stuff taking up space in here! :) Thank you dear!