Friday, December 4, 2009

Turkey Bento

Turkey Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
This was the requisite leftover turkey bento! Did your leftovers make it to a lunch or two? Along with a few slices, I packed gravy in a yellow container, a little square of cornbread, potato croquette (not homemade), purple and yellow carrot skewer, pear tomatoes, satsuma mandarin, grapes (underneath), blackberries, raspberry and chocolate persimmon.

Have you ever seen this kind of persimmon? I've only seen it recently for the first time. It looks the same as a regular persimmon on the outside, but the flesh looks darker. Seems to taste quite similar to me. You might like to try it if you happen to see it at your local farmers market.

I find most of the unusual produce I use in my bento at the handful of farmers markets I try to explore each week. The food there is fresher, more recently harvested, and more genuinely delicious. Also, if you're not sure how to prepare something, the vendors are happy to share their suggestions with you -- an added bonus :)


  1. Your bento is always full of colors, love it ^.^

  2. Nice and colorful bento =) Haven't seen this kind of persimmon yet. I'm happy to get the normal ones here ^^" But it looks great ^-^

    I love shopping on the farmers market, too. But here I only get local goodies. So no real variation. No romanesco and no purple carrots. *sigh* The only "special" thing I can get are yellow carrots :)

  3. u definitely pack a lovely bento and i'm always excited to find out what you have packed...there are always introducing something new tks

  4. I see your bentos and then make a list for seeds of things I want to grow! I really want to have a crack at the colored carrots!

  5. Thanks Just a MOM!
    Lil'chan, I haven't gone back to see if they still have the chocolate persimmons anymore either.But happily I can still find purple carrots and romanesco! Yellow carrots are still fun!
    Thanks javapot, so sweet of you :)
    Angi, I wish I could grow all the cool things myself too! You have more talent for doing that, and more satisfaction when packing your bento :)