Friday, August 28, 2009

Star Wars Bento #1

Star Wars Bento #1, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Because MisterMan is such an *avid* Star Wars fan, I had to indulge his greatest fantasy to have an actual Star Wars bento :)

Ma po tofu (minus the chili sauce), cucumber dividers, red Bhutan rice onigiri "Death Star" after destruction, TIE fighters cut from radishes (one of them was still red inside after peeling -- this is the "bloody" one -- o_o. Tofu Stormtrooper. Fruits section has black plum from friendly neighbor, strawberry, apricot, blueberries and lychee. Last section has peapods, sweet potato and Okinawan purple potato flowers.

I sort of wonder if he will even eat the fighters, or keep them to play with ;) This is #1; I know he really wants to see his favorite characters but I really have to work up to that...


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