Thursday, August 20, 2009

Garlic lemon salmon bento

Garlic lemon salmon bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I try to make a point of having fish (salmon is best) at least once a week, since it's so delicious and it's packed with omega-3s too. So this is why you see salmon bento so many times here! Luckily, the family likes it a lot and I haven't had any complaints yet ;)

So this one has a garlic lemon sauce, on a bed of greens, with an orange tomato/mozzarella perlini (after seeing them in hapa's bento, I had to get them --they are so cute and mini) skewer, more cherry tomatoes, Okinawan purple potato gingko leaves ~ can you see the shape? It is so pretty...I should have used a ligher background. Other side has peapods, yellow pear tomato, pluot, white nectarine, blackberries, strawberry and lovely lychee.

I like how this one turned out; balanced and nicely visually pleasing.


  1. Super bento--garlic and lemon sound delicious for salmon!
    I'm so happy for your family to be enjoying these radiant and wonderful foods--if only more Moms and Dads knew that they could also bring such health, love, and joy to the dinner table...

  2. Your comments are so thoughtful and generous, bentobird! So happy to hear that you also appreciate beautiful and healthy foods... I can tell by looking at your elegant bento as well. You and I are of the same mind; thank you kindly dear ^_^ !