Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pizza bento

Pizza bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
This is sherimiya brand pizza ~ healthy and fresh! Making pizza is yet another good way to use up all the stuff in the veggie drawer ~ you can put whatever you like; doesn't matter! Look what I put: semi-dried tomatoes, fresh yellow tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli (steamed and coarsely chopped), thin sliced eggplant, cheese... I forgot the onion and olives, but those are good toppings too. Anyway, they gobbled it up, just as I thought ;) The lavash bread is quite thin and bakes crispy, which we like.
Since there were so many veggies in the pizza, I just made a small side of peapods, tricolor tomatoes, and more pickled bittermelon with raw carrot thrown in. Fruit section has quite ripe peach, YUMMY lychees, strawberry, cherries, grapes, rasp- and blackberry.
MisterMan goes to a park with lake today, for more "camping" adventures. I wonder what he will discover...


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