Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cute Hamster Bento

This bento is for my first-grade boy, to take to his Summer Adventures day camp with him. I like this round bento, divided into sections, because it makes the food look nicely organized and separated. In the protein section he has teriyaki sesame salmon on a lettuce leaf, with a cup of Forbidden Black Rice mixed with brown, white and pearl barley (a separate post), made to look like a cupcake with a "cherry" (tomato) on top. Also in there are some peapods.

In the vegetable section he has a sweet potato, golden beets cut into flower shapes, red and orange cherry tomatoes, and purple carrots lightly steamed. I added a cuteness factor: little hamster friend made from yellow pear tomato and radish, with nori facial details.

Fruit section is nearly always his favorite part, and today he has yellow peach slices, Bing cherries, blueberries and golden raspberries. As you can see, I can fit quite a lot into this bento, and my boy gets a yummy, healthy and nutritious lunch to give him energy throughout his day. Have fun at camp, buddy!


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