Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hinamatsuri Girls Day Bento

March 3rd is Girls' Day, which falls on Sunday this year, so I made this bento for my TinySprite to enjoy tomorrow. See some of my other Girls' Day bento here and here and here). Along with her favorite shoyu chicken and furikake rice, there's a broccoli tree, the current double obsessions of pickled cucumbers and red onions, and some carrot sticks in the big stainless steel-lined cutie pie box. The smaller, divided box holds her hard boiled egg Hello Kitty girl (decorated with radish ears, nori eyes, carrot nose and soba whiskers), strawberry kimono, radish "fan", tomatoes and carrots. Next to her are a pile of blackberries and blueberries. It's a celebration of cute girlishness and I think she'll love it. Happy Girls' Day to all the girls out there! ^__^


  1. Oh, thanks for reminding me about the girl's day Sheri :D
    I think I should make one too, it's fun to think about it yeayyy! I really love the strawberry kimono *how could you come up with such brilliant idea? :D <3 <3 it. Happy girl's day to everyone ^^

    1. I love Girls' Day; it's so much fun!! I just think of all the red and pink cute kawaii stuff I know...
      Hope you have fun celebrating too :D

  2. I like Hello Kitty!!! Liked the idea of using strawberry as kimono and the pink soba as whisker!! Super kawaii!