Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Tree Grows in Jooklyn Bento

Get it? Get it? Did you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? Okay then. I know it doesn't look like a tree, but this tree is stylized. (Look at the other jook tree I made). This means that you must utilize your imagination for it to take shape. I made brown rice jook (see my method and recipe here) and decorated with char siu, cilantro and scallions. You can use chicken broth to flavor the soup, and add in aromatics like tiny dried shrimp. I also sometimes use shiitake mushrooms, leftover chicken, or even fish. It's also great to make your own broth using chicken or turkey bones. I packed this bento for MisterMan in his Lunchbots Thermal jar. A side box holds: satsuma mandarin, strawberry, blueberries, house pickled cucumbers and house marinated sweet baby bell peppers.


  1. How funny! A Tree Grow in Brooklyn Jooklyn. It looks so good. Yum!
    Still pickling and marinating your own pickles and peppers too. We need to trade stories. I had such beginner's luck and now - I don't know what happened!!!

    1. Thanks Judy; I'm sticking with quick pickling and marinating because of the immediate payoff. They do love sauerkraut but the fermentation is time-consuming and who has the patience/space?
      I go back and forth too. Don't worry about the mojo. It comes and goes as it will.
      As I know very well!

  2. Fantastic--as always, visiting here put a smile on my face!