Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black Bean Burger Cheddar Jack Bento

Counting down the final hours before Halloween... so I guess I can fit in at least a couple more. This one has two black bean / black rice burger patties on lettuce (protein style) with a melted cheddar jack-o-lantern on top. I used the method I described here, based on the original garbanzo bean recipe I used here. I put some ketchup in the little green container, and added some blackberries, corn, carrots and a strawberry to round out the meal. If you haven't entered to win an EcoLunchboxes bento set here yet, you can take a look at the giveaway post here. You have until the stroke of midnight tomorrow.... oooo.... before I close the comment entries. I just read through the comments, and some of you have some clever ideas on how to reuse and recycle; I'm impressed! Enjoy your Halloween eve!


  1. Yum!! I love the happy Jack-O-Lantern! So fun! :D

  2. Lovely, healthy food Sheri! Hope you and your lovely family have a fantastic Halloween!

  3. OH! I love veggie patties! This looks so delicious :). The Jack-o-Lantern just gives the yummy perfect touch for it ^^
    Happy Halloween sweet friend! Wish lots of delicious stuff for the lovely kids ;) (hmm.. not *too* much >.<)