Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tacorice Bento Bowl

Tacorice Bento Bowl by sherimiya ♥
Tacorice Bento Bowl, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
You know that tacorice is convenient for bento (donburi rice bowl-type bento), is easy to make, easy to eat, and delicious, but did you know it's also a great gluten-free tortilla-less version (in case you're concerned about that)? Yes, it's true. For this bento I put a green lettuce leaf in the bottom, followed by a scoop of rice (it happened to be black rice, but you can use white or brown rice as well), then topped with taco-seasoned ground meat of your choice, shredded cheese, chopped onion, tomatoes, and cilantro. You can also add sour cream and sliced avocado if you so desire. I love this bowl type of bento; if I were making my own bento, I'd definitely make myself this type of bento very often. The cool thing about this apple bowl is that it comes with a top tier that sits loosely over the bottom section. I arranged some grapes and plum wedges in there, and screwed the lid on. It's not a watertight box, but that's not essential for this kind of food. We're closing out the week, and I have yet to make a Halloween bento...ooops! Next week. I think. ^_^


  1. I love the layers of tasty, zesty nourishment in this tacorice bento--I need to make one like this! Cozy, happy weekend Sheri :)

  2. I sometimes make taco rice without the meat for a "fried rice style", just sprinkle the mix onto the rice and stir fry with veggies :)

    1. Wow, so healthy. I like the excuse to put the taco meat on :D

  3. lol I usually like the taco meat-part too :)