Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sticky Rice and Canadian Bacon Bento Bowl

Twitterfoodparty showed up this month in the form of bacon. You can check out this month's submissions on twitter by searching the hashtag #twitterbaconparty. I rarely cook bacon at home but happened to need a gluten-free alternative to lup cheong for the sticky rice (method here) I was planning to make. Most Chinese sausages and deli meats are marinated in shoyu, making them no-nos in a gluten-free diet. I steamed some sliced lup cheong separately to be mixed in everyone else's servings, but TinySprite was satisfied with diced and pan-fried Canadian bacon in hers. The overall flavor just wasn't traditionally the same, but it'll have to do, since I don't plan on learning how to make my own Chinese sausage! It was still tasty enough, though. I packed some in her favorite panda bento bowl, along with a selection of fruit in the top tier: cherries, lychee, blackberries, peach, and sweet potato. Next month's theme will be strawberries!


  1. Mmmmmm bacon! Now you have me dreaming of a big bowl of sticky bacon-y rice goodness. Yum!

  2. the combination of lup cheong and bacon sounds delicious

  3. Hmm.. I can volunteer myself to try this with lup cheong , with bacon and with both! No problem, three bowls please?
    Oh yes! And cherries for dessert! Oh yeaH!