Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Triple Mochiko Chicken Pool Bento

Guess what? If you guessed another shared pool bento, you're right! Yes, I'm really getting hooked on these stacked stainless steel tiffins. I have this round tiffin in one-, two- and three- tier sets. What, overkill, you say? Pshaw! Actually, each has come in handy several times within the past year. There's also a four-tier version which I am wondering whether I should pick up too. After all, we are a four-person family!

Anyway, getting back to this three-tier one: the three bowls stack upon one another, with the bottom one slightly larger (mine!). They latch together tightly so that only the top tier needs a true lid, and it's a cinch to carry. Really thinking about using these tiffins throughout the entire summer so you may be seeing them quite a bit. Today I've given each of us some oven-baked mochiko chicken. The sides vary but include: steamed bi-color corn (surprisingly sweet!), steamed broccoli, crunchy carrot, Okinawan sweet potato, and summer fruit! White peach, nectarine, cherries, pluot, black velvet apricot, strawberry, cantaloupe and lychee!!
The best of the summer fruit, as far as I'm concerned, is lychee. This year's batch is sweet, juicy, and surprisingly small-seeded. Don't be put off by the greenish hue of the skin. I too was surprised by what I've always expected to be bright red, but the fruit inside is indeed ripe and tender. The skin is tougher and thicker (and harder to peel) than I'm used to, but nothing that my adept fingernails can't handle. So far I'm very pleased. I'll leave you with a couple pics of the bento eaters in action at the pool. We had a fantastic time hanging out together, swimming in the big pool, learning to sit-dive, and chowing down our grinds. MisterMan's summer program starts tomorrow so we won't be swimming together for awhile. Gonna miss him.. but he's looking forward to playing with his buddies!
 "Do you like my purple mouth?"
"Take a picture of me Mom, take a picture of me!"


  1. Awesome!

    I have a 4-tier tiffin that I'm seeing the joy in using lately.

  2. Great, I have one just like yours, but mine is a 2-tier :D.

  3. Awww they are so happy with your Obento! Such a nutritious lunch for warm days (still warm here at night). Enjoy hanging out on pool side! :-)

  4. Yes,yes,yes,yes! Get the 4 tier so we can see more of your awesome creations.

  5. great way for everyone to get their own portions :)

  6. Hehehe, for me these 2-tier, 3-tier, etc tiffins are well known. They're called "marmita", and are still used in some parts of Brazil for caring food. But in the past (before I was a grown up), it was common to see people taking their meal to work in tiffins like these.With time it became unfashionable and usually used by modest workers only.
    I for example, never had one, the closest I got was having my "lancheira" or meal box for school, that we usually used across the shoulder, with a thermos and a home made sandwich and/or fruit inside.
    All this to say your "tiffin Bento" is gorgeous, so full of colors!

  7. It's like a gourmet meal by the pool! Hey, my kiddo and hubby are heading to the pool too though I seriously doubt he'll be packing anything as yummilicious as this. : )

  8. I want to come swimming with you all so bad! Don't you just love summer! I think you've finally pushed me over the edge into buying a tiffin, I'm loving how you pack them!

  9. Thanks tatabonita; I have the 2-tier too!
    Hi Nami! I'm hoping the heat stays awhile. I love it! Thanks :)
    Thanks Debra (enabler) :D
    Kat, that's what I love too. They're packed together but no sharing needed :D
    NMC, Thanks for the info. So interesting that things that go out of fashion become desirable again. It reminds me of the aluminum bento boxes that the plantation workers used to carry, not very glamorously. Those boxes are now vintage and valued. I love these tiffins. Really really love them!
    It is a gourmet meal by the pool Chantale! And it doesn't even matter what's in it. It feels luxurious to eat out of this bowl for some reason. Thanks :)
    Heather, I do love summer! I have to say I live for this season all year long. You would love this tiffin. It's round and shiny and who can resist? Thanks!

  10. You are always so creative. Your meals are always beautiful and inspiring! I say get the 4 tier one! We want more! :)

  11. What does the lychee fruit taste like? I have not tried one but I am curious.

  12. Thanks kellybmomof3; that's very sweet and I appreciate it!

    Audrey's mom, it's a bit hard to describe. The white flesh is a little chewy, not soft like a peach. It's very juicy and high in sugar, kind of like pineapple, but the taste is milder. They are also available canned, so you can taste it, but of course it's not as good as fresh. You can find it fresh in an Asian market, if there's one near you. I hope you can!