Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sushi Bento and P-Patch Flowers

Sushi Bento by sherimiya ♥
Sushi Bento, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
Got home late from a family field trip to San Francisco, and forgot that TinySprite has school tomorrow, so I'm giving her two (store-bought) sushi pieces. Along with those are the usual rainbow of sides: steamed broccoli, sweet potato, Okinawan sweet potato, strawberry, and chopped cara cara oranges. I think I'll pack some tofu bread in her tote too, since she's so curious about tasting it. I'll leave you with a few photos of the pea-patch we visited today. It's right on the bay and it has loads of paths and lovely blossoms. We always have lots of fun seeing what's in bloom. Short post today; have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It must have been a nice day to visit the city! Beautiful flowers! Where is this? I love your futomaki bento!

  2. Hi Sheri! Beautiful shots of those flowers you've! Esp. the 1st pic! :D
    Oh.. you always managed to get so big, round strawberries and I love the background (paper?) Hello Kitty girl in Kimono! That's too cute! ^.^

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful place! And what a gorgeous day.. I'm hoping to get Keira to like sushi or at least kimpab this summer.. break free from mac n cheese and ham. lol. Everything here looks so filling and tasty! Is this TS's final week of school too?

  4. Hi Nami! This is the Fort Mason Community P-Patch near the Marina. It's right next to the park so the kids can run around too. If you get a chance, it's a lovely spot. We also walked down to the waterfront to watch the Blue Angels when they put on the airshow. This sushi is from Nijiya; a last-minute pickup. Thanks!

    ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ : Thank you! That first flower is he California poppy, our state flower. It grows like a weed along roadsides everywhere, in stunning abundance. The strawberries are fantastic this year-- so happy! Hope you get some good ones too. And the HK paper is from an origami kit. Cute, right?

    Thanks Chantale! I'm a huge fan of kimbap, so refreshing in the summertime. I'd love to see yours! My girl goes to preschool year-round, so there's not an actual "break" for her except when we go on vacation :D

  5. Mmmm those colors are so beautiful!

  6. Hi Sheri! Tks so much for sharing all the infos! :D
    Growing everywhere along roadsides?? Must be very beautiful everywhere you go! :D
    Really? California strawberries? Actually I don't really know how to choose nice and sweet ones. I always choose those that are bright red in color thinking that it must be very sweet but some are so sour! Btw, those I bought are mostly from Korean but I don't always look at where they're from when I buy, I only look for theirnice red color.. hee... :P

  7. Thanks a lot Kittee!

    ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ , it's actually a wildflower and should grow easily with little care. Nice, right?
    As for strawberries, the best come straight from the farmer at the open market. If you buy them out of season (too early in the spring) they will be sour. But now, the season is good so I hope you can find some sweet ones to enjoy :D

  8. Yeah! Very nice! So do anyone really grows them in their own lil garden?? Hee... :P
    Hah no wonder last few weeks before, those strawberries so sour! LOL
    Tks so much for your infos Sheri! Greatly appreciated! ^.^ I'm gonna grab some big, nice, sweet strawberries tomorrow at the mart! Cheers! xD