Monday, June 27, 2011

Quesadilla Corn Salsa Bento

This was MisterMan's bento from last week. I didn't get a chance to post it then, but it turns out to be relevant for today's twittercornparty. How nice! I made some rolled corn tortilla "quesadillas" which I love to use this LunchBot for (since they fit so perfectly), and made some black bean, tomato, corn and cilantro salsa on the side. I tucked a couple of carrots in the lettuce cup as well. The delicious fruit section contains ultra-juicy cantaloupe, super-juicy pluots and fresh local cherries. Okinawan sweet potato "fish" add colorful decor to the bland tortillas. I attached the little fish to the tortilla with rice sticks through their eyes.
For our twittercornparty I made a variation on Fu Fu balls, which are a traditional West African (and Caribbean) staple made usually from steamed plantains or yams. I made mine using Japanese sweet potato (satsumaimo), cornmeal and fresh corn kernels off the cob. After steaming and mashing the imo, I added cornmeal mush until I got the consistency I liked. I stirred in the corn kernels, and added butter, salt, and parmesan to taste. I shaved some parmesan on top too. Voila!

Hey, I just realized this is a Meatless Monday bento. Maybe I'll try to make a habit of it? Happy Monday ^_^


  1. Not sure what the twittercornparty was about, but that's an awesome looking bento. I happened to have corn tortillas (handmade, first time!) in my bento today. Love those purple fish.

  2. Hi Jenn,
    You can join in the fun by searching the hashtag #twittercornparty (for this month, or whatever the theme is each month). The theme is decided the month in advance you can prepare to make something. All you have to do is tweet a picture of your creation with the hashtag and then add it to the flickr group so we can all ooh and aaah over it! You can tweet me anytime to ask when the next one will be or to check on the theme. You can even tweet your tortillas today if you like!
    Thanks a lot!

  3. I want to eat it! Ahhh...
    Beautiful bento :)

  4. Such a yummy bento! I love your purple little fishies! (Such a shame we don't have purple potatoes here! :<)
    And these corn balls look really nice..:3
    Take care! <3

  5. Hmm... never heard of fu fu balls, but they look very good! I'm on a plantain run, so I'll have to look them up. Definitely loving the colors on this lunch.

  6. Thanks bibula!
    Panna L, I love the purple potatoes for the color burst. Really hope you can find them. Thanks :)
    TJ, mine aren't traditional, but they're tasty with the corn. Thanks a lot :o)

  7. I love quesadillas! But dont' get to eat it often. That salsa looks incredible! I'd eat an entire big bowl of it!! And those fufu balls? hehe.. I like saying that.. Looks yummy too. Extra parmesan for K please!

  8. yummy bento and twitterfoodparty entry :)

  9. yummy
    I checked this out by afternoon time in the office..and I immediately feel hungry
    Fu Fu balls look easy to make ..yum yumm..

  10. It is easy to make Yenny! You should try :)
    Thank you!