Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cooking Channel Bentos

Cooking Channel Bentos by sherimiya ♥
Cooking Channel Bentos, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
Here are two of the bentos I made for the shoot on Sunday. (See the finished commecial here!) There was another one but that was the one TinySprite grabbed and scarfed up in addition to the heaping one she made herself. Each kid made their own bento and then ate it. There wasn't any way I could take a picture of theirs. I should have taken a photo of these bentos before all the activity, but I didn't think of it, which is why these had to be shot in bad (artificial) light. Both feature Korean chicken in a lettuce leaf along with steamed broccoli, carrots and carved cucumbers; and varied berries for dessert. I added steamed corn and a shoyu bear egg to one, and a rice section (which I rarely do but which provides a very nice backdrop for a charaben design) with a matryoshka made of Okinawan purple potatoes, cheese, sweet potato and nori to the other. Some cute picks add color and whimsy.
I was surprised to find that making three bento at once wasn't much more work than one (or two, which is the most I ever make at a time for my two kids). And even though the third bento contained totally different ingredients (rollups), it still was pretty manageable. The key is to be prepared and have everything you need at hand, which saves time. MisterMan and TinySprite took these to school the next day, with furikake sprinkled on the rice. I'm thinking in addition to making their own bento, they can soon begin to cook the food for me too... ^_^
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  1. These are awesome! So excited to see your Cooking Channel spot!!!

  2. Hi Sheri! Ohhh so cute! Your kids are the luckiest in the school. I love your detail work. I can't wait to see the Cooking Channel show. ;-)

  3. Owh so cute!!! please let me know when it's gonna be aired. I do not want to miss it!

  4. Woo hoo! A bento celebrity. Can't wait to see you on the TV!

    These bentos are perfect!

  5. cool.. you are like a star in the bento community..hehee..
    great job!

  6. Thanks Shannon, Nami, Lina, Debra and Bobo!
    You are too sweet :D

  7. so cool...! both matryoshka and bear look adorable.
    congratulations for you ;)

  8. Love the matryoshka! I really really RRRREALLY hope there will be a chance of watching the Cooking Channel on-line?? I'd love to see you do your tricks in moving image. :) SO exciting!

  9. Haha, love that last line Sheri! These look great! I love how your bentos look so good without too much of the accessories. Just enough of it. Just be glad your kids love to eat good food!

  10. Cute bento lunches!! It must have been so exciting at your house :D I am excited to see you on the Cooking Channel!!

  11. That is one flawless bear egg!! I give you props for that adorable thing!!

  12. I love EVERYTHING in here! :D
    Your kids must be having a great time! :D

  13. Thanks a lot Yenny!
    Gnoe, I don't know if any "tricks" make it into the spot, but I'll post if I can. Thanks!
    Chantale, thanks. I love the way I can rely on picks to push the looks just a little bit more. So fun! I can dream, can't I? ^^
    Jenn, it was pretty chaotic! Thanks :)
    Pikko, I guess I was successful at hiding the sad lack of ears. Not a perfect bear; it was too small of an egg! But thanks :)
    Thanks ☺lani☺!
    Thanks very much as always, ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ !!

  14. Hello!
    I love your bento! I wrote about your blog in my blog! :)!

    Greetings from Poland;)

  15. How sweet! Thanks very much ankyl!! Greetings to you in Poland :D