Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kerori Bento

Kerori Bento by sherimiya ♥
Kerori Bento, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
Today's bento contains broiled teriyaki salmon and asparagus, along with carrots, tomatoes and steamed broccoli. I used some broccoli to make a Kerori (San-x frog character) onigiri. I guess you could say he's partly white and partly green. I kept the grapes and strawberries separate, which is why I love this LunchBots Trio. It's perfect for just that reason. Today's post is short; TinySprite and MisterMan both had activities after school today, and my little ballerina had official group and individual photos taken as well. So much excitement and fun ~ ^_^


  1. Aww, Kerori is so cute! Lunch looks colorful and delish!

  2. Healthy idea for the cute kerori, have to take a note of this :D

  3. Thanks Jenn and Tatabonita ! Edamame also makes a nice green color rice.

  4. Hi!!
    I'm from Italy!!! I love Japanese culture, and for this i also love bento!!

    I love you bento, are beautiful and very simple to make it, but for me are difficult to create some 'characters' (as Kerori in this bento..) and for this reason I want to ask you to make some tutorials for some bento to hel me to create it and for help as to eat better, please!!


  5. so lovely Kerori
    and the color arrangement is just beautiful

  6. I agree with Journal Mommy Yenny, the colors in this one are really special. Delicate green Kerori sets of the other vibrant foods so nicely! Tiny Sprite's official ballerina portraits sound like they'll be incredibly CUTE :D!

  7. Awesome Kerori!!! I have to agree as well, the colors are fantastic!

  8. Hi Haruka! Thanks for the compliments; I'm glad you like my blog! It's a good idea to add tutorials. I'll try to be better about that in the future :D

    Thanks a lot Yenny, Bentobird, ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ and Heather!!