Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scallion Pancakes Bento

Scallion Pancake Bento by sherimiya ♥
Scallion Pancake Bento, a photo by sherimiya ♥ on Flickr.
Today I made a batch of scallion pancakes for TinySprite, and decided to make more to pack for her bento. It's perfect for her light appetite, and will satisfy her carb cravings. I adapted the recipe here (from use real butter) but used half whole wheat flour for fun. It comes out a little chewier this way, but the kids don't mind. All you do is make a flour and water dough, roll it out, add chopped scallions, roll it up and roll it out flat again. Do you notice that I used the word "roll" three times in the last sentence? Yeah, it's a LOT of rolling, and it's best to roll it very thin. Now I know why I am not a baker. My arms are aching. But don't let that stop you. It's very tasty and fun to eat! Into this bento I also fit a piece of steamed corn on the cob, broccoli, a grape tomato, and a golden beet-dyed quail egg decorated with nori and a bit of carrot to look like a baby chick. The other section contains a juicy strawberry, supersweet blackberries (love these with Greek yogurt and walnuts!), carrots and grapes. All fun finger foods for my preschooler. ^_^


  1. Shall try out that recipe, looks yummy! Thanks for the sharing!

  2. I love this recipe! It looks delicious and it's perfect for bento!!

  3. So yummy! Scallion pancakes are a fav of mine, but I've never made them at home...brilliant bento addition!

  4. Thanks KidsDreamWork, OhayoBento and Bentobird :)