Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Beans and Pork Round Bento

I found a recipe for slow-cooked black beans and pork loin that uses chili powder and coriander; it sounded so good I had to try it. I crossed my fingers that it wouldn't be too spicy for the kids. Success! I also added chopped onion, tomatoes and zucchini to round it out nutritionally. It came out sort of like a chili / stew; very tasty and hearty. Every time I use my crockpot I vow to do it more often. Is there anything better than walking in the door and realizing dinner is cooking itself? I scooped some over rice in the bottom bowl of this round stainless steel bento box I found in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I put some strawberries, grapes, carrots, peapods and cara cara oranges in the top tier.
The handled lid screws on top, securing both containers. This box resembles a tiffin, except that the screw top replaces the latches. I had my second-grader practice opening and closing it before I packed it to make sure he wouldn't have any problems. This set holds 800ml; there's also a 600ml and a 1000ml version that I saw. The round apple shape is a fun one, isn't it? Another MRB. Yay!


  1. I love cooking with my crockpot! This recipe sounds very tasty :D

    Cute cute bento also! I love the round shape!

  2. Me too Jenn! I am determined to use it more often. I have a whole set of recipes to try too. Thanks!

  3. Crockpots Rule! We've been doing slowcooked pork here fairly often. It's also nice because it doesn't heat up the kitchen. That new bento is amazing! The first shot almost looks like an optical illusion... with berries magically appearing out of nowhere! :)

  4. (whispers) w o w... This is beautiful! It looks like a beautiful apple. The food looks as good as it's container! lol. I'd be afraid of someone stealing the container.. crazy right? Yeah, crazy has happened around here. Gorgeous Sheri!

  5. That's awesome Michelle! I used mine again tonight, heh. You're right about the floating berries; I think I have a problem with those directly overhead shots! Kinda bizarre! Thanks :)

    Thanks Chantale! I'm actually more worried about it getting swung around and bashed up... which has a good chance of happening eventually around here. :D