Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Misobutterfish Bento

Misobutterfish Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Today I went back to the usual type of bento, in a single-layer bento box. The results of the thermal bento day were pretty good; the food stayed hot and the kids ate everything. I'm still going to do more testing before I write my review, since there are lots of aspects to consider. Stay tuned! Today I packed some misoyaki butterfish (recipe here) for each of the kids, along with a nice variety of vegetables (kabocha, broccoli, carrot, yellow cauliflower, romanesco and Okinawan sweet potato). We have strawberries now, and so I packed some of those along with blueberries, a mini mandarin for TinySprite and some blood oranges for MisterMan. I've learned -- and recommend to you -- not to give blood oranges to a toddler wearing school clothes, unless they happen to be in the precise same shade of dark red. You're welcome. To add a little kawaii to her bento, I made a bunny from two hard-boiled quail eggs. I rolled one into a long oval shape before slicing it in half to form the ears. The yolk just happened to be teardrop-shaped. So happy to see some color: out in the garden, in the markets, and in our bento! How about you?
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  1. I love the bunny egg! Everything looks so fresh and yummy! :)

  2. your bentos are always colourful and healthy..
    love the colour of the Okinawa sweet potato..

  3. it is so colorful and healthy
    love the bunny :)

  4. :9 misobutterfish yum! The mini mandarin is so adorable!! I can eat it all in one bite! ^_^ (< ahaha, not a lady at all :P)
    So cute bunny! It makes me want to search for quail eggs just because of your lovely art :)

  5. Amazing colors there! Yummy ... Yummy makes me hungry :) So blood orange is same like pink dragon fruit. Painful for me to see if leave stain on kids' uniform.

  6. Love the quail egg bunny ears and the beautiful colors in today's bentos! Just like your new twitter avatar - gorgeous!!

  7. Oh I can't wait for more colours outside other than white or after a day of melting, dirty.This totally brightens up my day! Haha, yes, will never give blood orange to my kid wearing her uniform. Although it's dark blue so.. it prob won't show. ;p

  8. How cool is that tear-drop shaped egg yolk? Brilliant how you put it to use! I see spring radiating from these joyful bentos, love the color and warmth :D

  9. Very cute!! Now following you from WFLW! :)


  10. Thanks karaimame! I don't bother to take the segments apart either, heh. Don't you have quail eggs? I can find them easily here. They are inexpensive, but you don't get much out of them!

    Lia, yes, they stain my hands even more than beet juice. I tried to use it as a dye but it didn't work well on foods! Only on skin and clothing. Hehe! Thank you :)

    Thank you Xelia, so sweet :)

    Thanks Bar 7 Ranch :)

    Chantale, I cannot understand why the boys' uniform is WHITE. Hmmm. Have yet to see a boy keep his shirts clean! I'm hoping for color in your part of the world soon too!

    Thanks so much Bentobird!

    Thank you Amy :)

    Thanks for visiting Mommy Sarah!