Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mr and Mrs. Banh Mi Bento

Mr and Mrs. Banh Mi Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Today was such a fabulous day; I really would call it the first day it felt like spring. The sun was out in a blue cloudless sky ALL day, and it was warm enough to leave the jacket in the car. A whole bunch of things are blooming in my garden, including volunteers I forgot about from last year. I actually have green onions that had been clinging to life all through winter, and now they are growing dark green and tall again. My sweet peas went to seed and now I've got vines shooting up the tomato cages. How's your garden?

Today we went out for lunch and at the same time decided to pick up some banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) for my boy's bento tomorrow. Score!

He gets a pork banh mi, which after I cut into pieces short enough to fit in the tiffin, looked like faces. So what could I do but finish them off with eyes and headgear? I also managed to squeeze in a whole tangerine, a strawberry, a few grapes and a sprig of broccoli. Perfect! This tiffin came with a top tier, but I'm only using the bottom section today -- which means I can fill it up higher. I separated the sandwiches in wax paper to keep them away from the fruits. It's not the first time I've put a sandwich in the tiffin; the round sandwich thins or bagels also work well.

You may have heard about the Spring 2010 Bento Contest going on, hosted by Maki of Just Bento, Thomas and Erico of Bento & Co, and Mook of French Bento. The finalists have been selected, and my Spring Momiji Bento is one of the final 15! The voting has now been opened up to the public, for selection of the top 10 Spring Bento. If you haven't already, please stop over and vote there, if you get a chance! My bento is #051 Happy Little Bento. Take a look at them all; they are all beautiful!


  1. Love the sandwich faces! Leftovers are a wonderful bento item :)

    Congrats on being in the Top 15!!!!!!!!!!! Your bento is amazing! :)

    My garden needs to have it's weeds removed and be cleaned up a bit! My project for next week

  2. HAHA these really made me smile, i especially love this use of the bow and hat :-)
    plus those bahn mi pieces look soooo tasty.

    glad to hear you are having lovely weather and your garden is bursting to life!

    and congrats again on top 15, what a beautiful box you submitted!

  3. Only you that will have that quick thought to transform banh mi into Mr. and Mrs. Banh Mi ... love the eyes! You seems grow a lot in your garden, must be exciting works. All the best for the contest and have fun Sheri (^.^)

  4. Congrats on being a finalist in the spring bento contest! Your entry is lovely!

  5. Thank you Jenn!! Appreciate it!
    Thanks megan, they are funny aren't they? I feel like I've neglected the banh mi; it's been so long! I heard you folks had great weather out there too! Thanks for the congrats, the same on your butterfly -- it's so cool to be in such fantastic company!!
    Hi Lia! Yes, good thing I could manage a quick face, or it would leave me with nothing to blog about, hehe! Thank you dear.... maybe your sweet fairy will shower us with contest luck :)
    Thank you ehmeelu, so sweet of you!

  6. Banh mi FTW! They're funny looking. (in a good way) I especially like the hair-doo! LOL! Very clever. And bonus points for the MRB, even though it's a tiffin. :)

  7. delicious banh mi! :D I love those vietnamese stuffed breads <3 Your idea with the faces is great! Thanks for sharing! =D

  8. Love the sandwich faces! And I enjoy hearing about everyone's gardens.

  9. Sheri, I want to pass 2 awards for you. Please pick it up here. Thanks!

  10. That is hilarious! I love it! ^^

  11. So nice to read of your perfect spring day...add cute and yummy bahn mi and truly all is well with the world! Ah, so your veggie garden is springing to life! Yay for fresh green onions! My solitary peony plant is roaring ahead, growing visibly larger by the day with funny cyclops buds that will soon I hope be beautiful blooms...

  12. Thanks Debra; I had almost forgotten about this tiffin, and you're right - it looks like your ss one. Hmm, haven't seen yours in awhile...

    Token, love these sandwiches too; very good in bento :)

    Thanks veganf; me too :)

    Thanks Lia, how sweet of you! So honored to get these awards from you ^_^

    Thanks Melanie!

    Bentobird, I love hearing about yours too. Peonies are another fave of mine! I did try to grow them but was never successful. I love the double flowers with the overflowing petals, and esp the scented ones :) Thank you for your lovely comment!

  13. LOL, their smiley faces make me laugh!!! Great bento! :D

  14. onw, so perfect *_*
    this is SUTEKI!!