Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pirate Monkey Sandwich Bento

Another sandwich bento to round out the week. This sandwich is actually a double decker -- I sliced this wheat pan de sal bun twice since it was so thick, and layered it with spring greens, avocado, chicken and some of the spinach-arugula pesto I whipped up today. It's another recipe derived from The 10 Things You Need To Eat (by Lieberman and O'Connor). I used a bunch of blanched baby spinach, baby arugula, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, walnuts and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Blend all together and you're done. Mine is pretty thick, almost spreadable, so it's good on bread. It's also good tossed with linguine and shrimp, like we did for dinner. Into this box I also squeezed in a sweet sliced strawberry, some red grapes, and a mandarin. There's some steamed broccoli and carrot flowers too.

For the monkey, I sliced off the top layer of the bun with a sharp paring knife to make his face. His facial details are nori. The eye patch string is a piece of spaghetti and his bandana is apple. I really would have liked to make it checkered or dotted, but it would have been too much work. Next time! I just realized I forgot the monkey's ears, but look -- doesn't it kinda look like he's wearing pirate earrings?

               Anyone recognize the inspiration for this monkey? Okay, he's not exactly the same but...
Tokidoki Pirata!


  1. He's cuter than "Jack the Monkey" and more piratey too! Clever way to carve out his face. I like your goldfish too!

  2. I make 'monkey' bento too today hahaha ... but your pirate monkey is cuter :) The background is perfect ... Looks like he is sailing on the pirate boat, clever set up!

  3. Thanks Debra! Those fish are hashi rests, but they are so cute they are more like sculptured figurines :)

    Thanks for being my monkey bento partner Lia!
    Yeah, the bento boat on the water :D

  4. Wow that sounds delicious and it looks wonderful!

  5. The pirate monkey is so adorable! You are so creative to make his bandana with apple! And I totally agreed with Lia, perfect background for the pirates 'boat'! :)

  6. that apple bandana is one of the most clever things i have seen in quite some time, and you just added the perfect accents with his eye patch and smirk. the pesto sounds yummy too, i'm sure the sammie is absolutely delish, with a sweet fruit dessert. awesome prop styling here too - the background looks like waves (this pirate is on his bento box boat), and those fish are swimming... and even the font on the "ahoy matey" is cool and pirate-esque!

  7. I agree with gamene, the apple bandana is bento-brilliance! Also re the prop styling--wonderfully punchy and adventurous feel to this seaworthy lunch--so fun!

  8. super cute pirate monkey! I love the idea of a double-decker sandwich and it sounds delish!

  9. This is absolutely ADORABLE! My daughter is obsessed with pirates (hence the "ARGHHHH!!!" I hear 24/7. I am so going to make this for her. I hope I can pull it off! Thanks for the idea!

  10. Sheri, this is so cute and clever! I think the pirate earrings are perfect : )

  11. Thanks hypothermya!
    Thanks Fluteloop!
    Thanks KidsDreamWork! So happy this fabric comes in handy for water, it's one of my favorites.
    Thanks megan, I'm happy with the way this one came out, as I favor the water themes a lot :)
    Thanks bentobird; seaworthy, great!
    Thanks Lily Anette!
    Thanks veganf!
    Thanks Susan B...Love the double decker idea too; all the more to stuff veggies in!
    AVM, you totally should make the pirate monkey! She'd love it! Thanks!
    Aw, thanks a lot Rachel :D