Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chicken Adobo Bento

Chicken Adobo Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Today's Earth Day bento contains chicken adobo, a pea/jade rice cup with carrot and nori details made to look like a lion, cottage cheese with blackberries and chopped almonds, a few broccoli spears, and a fruit cup of mandarins and sliced kiwi.

I used Ivoryhut's recipe for the chicken adobo, although there are many variations you can try. Here's the recipe I used, adapted from Ivoryhut:

Chicken Adobo
8 chicken thighs
6 cloves garlic, smashed
1/2 cup shoyu
1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup water
2 T packed brown sugar
cracked pepper

Mix everything together in the pot you'll be cooking in.
Marinate at least 20 minutes.
Bring to boil, then reduce heat, cover and cook 15 minutes.
Remove cover, flip chicken, and continue to simmer until fully cooked, and liquid has reduced.

Super easy, right? The chicken gets nice and dark and tender, and the sauce thickens and becomes rich dark brown. The flavor is tangy and sweet, and the sauce is amazing over rice and with veggies. Your kids will eat the whole head of broccoli if you let them dip it in the sauce. Yum!

Finally, I used all stainless steel for this bento -- the box, cups, chopsticks and spoon (not pictured). Well, the heart and earth picks are plastic. All reusable. Yay!


  1. lovely arrangement - the four cups are equally tasty looking, but keeping the flavors nice and separate. jade rice lion is adorable and oh-so earth day appropriate! did you guys end up planting?

  2. This looks so fresh its about to leap off the screen and into my mouth!!
    Blorgie1 x

  3. I love chicken adobo...I eat it with lots of peppers, cilantro, and cucumbers over a ton of rice! Beautiful Earth Day eco-friendly bento! :D

  4. Happy Earth Day! Oh, I've never thought of making bento for the Earth Day hehehe. This bento is healthy for both the "devastater" hehe and earth :D. And that lion is cute, it looks like a sun too! Match with the theme :D

  5. The recipe sounds easy and delicious! I love the little face in the rice cup, cute lion! This is such a pretty lunch. My daughter won't let me do too cute things in her lunch, but I was earth friendly and packed her sandwich in a reusable sandwich holder and I did use cute picks in her grapes that were in little reusable container! Yay, but she has to wash them (she gets home from school before I do). :)

  6. Wonderful happy earth day bento! I think I can get all the ingredients for chicken adobo here. I will keep this recipe. Thanks Sheri to share it! Great choice of the bento box and everything for this theme. You even have the globe baran (is that baran?), WOW :)

  7. Lia puts it so perfectly, this is a "wonderful happy earth day bento"! I love how your beautiful rose glows nearby like a sweet sun, and the lovely lion has this Leo smiling!

  8. This sounds sooo good - I have to try it! And I love the multi cup presentation.

  9. I love adobo! It's been so long since I made it.

  10. This is a beautiful and tasty bento! I love chicken adobo.

  11. Happy Earth Day! Would love to try the recipe as it looks so yummy and not too complicated yeah? Thanks for sharing Sheri! By the way, I like the eyes of the lion so much. :)

  12. Chicken adobo is my favorite meal! Sadly, I don't know how to make it, there are so many variations and I need it to taste JUST like my Grandma's! A beautiful bento as always!

  13. Thanks megan! We planted basil, tomato, carrots, cilantro and lettuce so far. All stuff to eat, of course :)
    Thanks paoix!
    Thanks Blorgie!
    Thanks Susan; it sounds delish that way!
    tatabonita, you're right, it does look like the sun. Thanks!
    Lyndsey, that sounds like a perfect Earth day lunch to me :)
    Thanks Lia, yes that actually is an earth bookmark, but I thought it would be cute in bento :)
    Thank you Bentobird! I love this rose, and am so happy it's covered in blooms right now! I have them all over the house :)
    Thanks Lexi, I hope you can try it :)
    Thanks Rachel, me too I haven't made it in so long, but it's so good!
    Thanks a lot mrs. fuzz :)
    Yes, KidsDreamWork: yummy and easy! My specialty, hehe (esp the easy part) Thanks so much :D

  14. Fluteloop, you're right! It's so hard to get it exactly the same as you remember... but all the more reason to keep trying :D
    Thanks a lot dear!

  15. Finally made this. YUM!! Great over rice and so easy to prepare. Thanks!

    Janice (Couture and Crayons)

  16. That's great Janice! Glad it came out well!

  17. Making this again. Does it call for 2 teaspoons or tablespoons. Just making sure I'm not missing out on extra flavor.

  18. Hi janice!
    The sugar is optional (I used 2 tablespoons); there are actually many recipe variations that completely omit it. I find that my kids like the added sweet flavor, but the strong vinegar aspect is delicious to me. Try it both ways and decide for your family.