Thursday, March 25, 2010

Triple Chickie Meatballs

Triple Chickie Meatballs, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I made meatballs for this bento, using a mix of ground turkey, oats, onion, and yes -- kale! You're not really surprised, are you? If you keep the container of lightly steamed, chopped kale in the fridge, you yourself might also find lots of fantastically healthy uses for it too. And after bathing the meatballs in homemade barbeque sauce, they tasted yummilicious -- just ask the kiddos :)

Since everyone's putting Easter-y type creatures in their bento, I thought I would make some chicks. Okay, they're brown, but can you use your imagination? I gave them carrot beaks and sweet pea eyes, and used the barbeque sauce to "glue" them on. Also tossed in some roasted baby potatoes -- two kinds: new potatoes and rose fingerlings. I really like these little taters. They crisp up quickly and taste great with just olive oil and garlic powder. Nothing could be easier. A fancy cut carrot, some cherry tomatoes and some steamed broccoli fill in the gaps. In the cup (included with this EcoLunch stainless steel bento) is cottage cheese, triangles of sweet Cara Cara oranges, slivered almonds and wheat germ. This is my last Cara Cara, because even though I bought a whole bag's worth last weekend, the fam has been sucking them down like mad! Should have bought more.

I'm pretty happy with the look of this bento. Even if there's only one flower today!


  1. Full of yummy foods! Especially the cute chickie meatballs. No worries for one flower, the carrot flower just stand out there :)

  2. healthy chicks indeed with oats and kale. Must be the lotion and sunbathing that made them yummy chicks, ha ha. delicious and yet v healthy.

  3. Thanks Lia; yeah, one flower gets all the attention:)

    Javapot, you're right! Lucky chicks, eh? Thanks!!

  4. Hi sheri, Brown chicks rule! On our bike-trail near Bothel, WA there are feral chickens and chicks living near the forest. The chicks are brownish! So there you go!

  5. Hehe, only one flower, how sad =(
    But I think your chicks give enough of the nice touch ;)

  6. Healthy, darling and creative--yep, its another great sherimiya bento, yay! I totally grinned when I saw these sweet (and stealthily kale-charged) chicks. A Happy Little Bento indeed!
    PS so happy I read about yummy Cara Cara's here--they are so good!

  7. Now those are some creative chicks! Nice work!

  8. Aw they look like they are all fast asleep, these little darlings! So cosy and tucked up in their bed! Making me tired too! Sweet!

  9. Debra, yay! Those were the chickies I was going for, yeah! Thanks a lot :)

    Thanks a lot Lil'chan! Next bento will be devoid of flowers altogether - have to try to think of other things to put in :)

    Bentobird, thank you dear! Kale ftw. Did you try Cara Caras? We can't get enough of them :)

    Thanks veganf; only a few facial details, I think I can manage, hehe :)

    Thanks Bento Box, yes, cozy until popped away! Thanks a lot!

    My thoughts exactly, Rachel. Yay!

  10. i love how you sneak kale into things - great mom :-) the chicks are adorable, and i too have seen brown ones in real life, so it wasn't a stretch for me. love all the colors and the happy warm-weather vibe!

  11. Hi megan! Thanks a lot for the kind comments. Go spring!