Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pita Pizza and Fruits Bento

Pita Pizza and Fruits Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Hello bento friends! I have been absent from the blog while we spent time visiting the in-laws in L.A. this past weekend. This week is our spring break, so there are no new bento to be made (probably). Here, however, is one I made for my boy last week.

Homemade pizza on pocketless whole wheat pita bread rounds: pepperoni, mozzarella and spinach. Wrapped in brown paper. With a side of black grapes, carrots, strawberry, and blood orange mixed with cottage cheese. I realized too late that blood orange works very well at coloring cottage cheese (and probably yogurt as well); I could have had pink cottage cheese all week! Oh well. I also tossed some walnuts on top for crunch. A quick and simple bento to round out the week.

Anybody else taking a break this week? Happy Spring, bento friends!!


  1. Aww, no bentos from you this week??? :( Thanks for sharing this one, it is super cute and yummy! Blood oranges are awesome- we used to serve them with panna cotta at the restaurant I used to work at.

  2. Hi Susan! Well, maybe one more :)
    Blood oranges with panna cotta (okay, anything with panna cotta) sounds fantastic!!
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Looks delicious! And nice presentation with brown paper, love it. Hope you have great time during your spring-break. I know that you will come back with amazing bento as always. Can't wait to see until then (^.^)

  4. Nice idea to wrap the pizza pieces in this brown paper. Looks really nice.

    I will have a break this week. Because Schatzi don't need anymore bento. And we are changing our apartment. So maybe I will not have Internet for half a month >.< How cruel, right?

  5. Hi Lia! Thanks! I have so many plans to do cooking of new stuffs, but maybe I'll be lazy and just go biking with the kids? I have at least one more bento to show this week, and then rest my bento brain ^_^ !

  6. Thanks Lil'chan! The two of us will be bento-free then... but internet-less? Oh no!! Hm, well, think of all the reading of books you can get done!
    Best of luck with your move!

  7. why am i obsessed with this brown paper lining? it just looks so cool, so cafe-style! the pizza looks delish, too, obv, and you've complimented so nicely with the bright and fresh fruits. cute fishy too!

    enjoy your boy's break, but we'll miss your bentos! :-)

  8. Everything looks great! I like the paper lining too, great idea and look! Have a fun visit with your family! Our spring break is this week too, that's why I am getting some time to post more this week. My family visited before our break! :)

  9. So nifty! It's a treat to see one of your wonderful bentos again, sherimiya! The fish accent looks shy and sweet, and the paper bag styling has an Italianate casual stylishness that I love!

  10. We are on Spring Break too and having a blast :D The pita pizzas look very yummy! Hope you're enjoyuing your break!

  11. have a good break, enjoy yourself and come back refreshed with more bentos :p like your idea of cutting the carrot, will try it soon. take care.

  12. Megan, thanks for the cafe visual; I looked for some cute wax or plastic wrap, but there was none to be found in the house! So I had to fall back on the old standard, but now I can say that's the effect I was going for all along :) So sweet with your words as always :D

    Lyndsey, Thank you! Enjoy your break too!

    bentobird, thank you! Italianate casual stylishness! Love that for my bento! That fish is one of a pair (other is black) of hashi rests; I too love their sweet expressions :)

    Yay Jenn! We're kickin' back with no homework! Lovin' it! Hope you are too!

    Thanks a lot javapot! Will continue to get bento inspiration from the likes of you!!