Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympics Bento: Snowboard Cross

Today's bento has a theme: Olympics! It's an easy one, and it might even provide more than one themed bento over the next week. I'll tell you what this one shows, since you may not be able to decipher it on your own: Snowboard Cross.

Yes, I know it doesn't look like a snowboard but the truth is he was supposed to be a downhill skier. After I cut out the carrot man, I couldn't get him to stand on two skis so I used only one. And didn't bother to cut a proper snowboard by that time :) But luckily this way I don't need to figure out how to put poles either.

I made honey garlic pork, using sliced pork loin instead of chops so it's easier for the kids to eat and better for bento. I also stirfried yellow zucchini (squash) and sweet red pepper with olive oil and garlic powder. There's also steamed broccoli, a maroon/purple carrot skewer and a grape tomato. The snowboarder is made of carrot with a grape head and a purple carrot ski, and he is perched on a tofu hill. In the fruit section I put sliced blood oranges, a strawberry, a yellow carrot star and some red grapes (underneath).


  1. Yay for the Winter Olympics! Great creative thinking on the skier/snowboarder switcharoo!

    Blood oranges are killer! (yes, pun intended) :)

    Hello, cute little yellow star!

  2. Yeah! Have to make do and be bentodaptable!
    Thanks Debra!

  3. haha this snowboarding man cracks me up! your carrot skewer and blood oranges add such beautiful deep colors to this bento, and i love your olympic spirit!

  4. Sheri, you are really full of imagination! Glad to see your snowboarding man on the tofu hill. Colorful bento is your specialty and that cherry tomato is so smooth, it's like blinking from my monitor, nice effect!

  5. Ha, thanks megan! Good that he brings laughter, I'm glad about that!

    Thanks Lia! You are so sweet, as usual your nice comments make me so happy! :)

  6. How fun, sherimiya! Super creative and colorful as well as delicious looking--gold medal bento!

  7. so creative. hehe, love that tofu hill. go carrot man, go! and it's nice that Shaun White won the gold too : )

  8. LOL, I love it!!! That takes some serious skills to be able to make it look like a snowboarder! Awesome! :D

  9. Thanks bentobird, thanks for the medal, so exciting to "win" it :)

    Thanks Rachel! Shaun White is so far above the competition it's unbelievable. Wonder if the winter sports always have this many wipeouts o_o

    Thanks Susan, haha! You mean grapehead carrot man? I successfully tricked you all into believing he's a snowboarder. Yay!