Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bird On The Wing Vegetable Cutter

I got this newest addition to my vegetable cutter collection last weekend at the Chinese New Year festivities in San Francisco. It's a graceful bird, and my first bird cutter ever - not counting ducks and chicks. I used it to cut a slice of apple in this bento, and it cut very nicely, considering I had to cut through a part with the seedy middle. I couldn't get through the street fair without procuring bento stuff, I guess... but at least I only got two things: this cutter, and a thermal bento! To be seen another time....


  1. such a cool new cutter! i just KNEW when i saw your CNY tweet that you were going to come back with something great! congrats on a great score :-)

  2. Nice cutter. I like how the bird looks like its creating airflow patterns in a wind tunnel.


  3. Nice cutter! You have a very cool collection, love to see it Sheri :)

  4. Thanks megan, Greg and Lia! My collection is tiny compared to some others, but gives me something to aspire to ;)

  5. Such a graceful and beautiful bird cutter, I'm so glad you found it at the festival, Sheri! Wish I could have been there, too, taking in the great and bento-inspiring sights and scents! I love this photo and the suggestion of wind conveyed by the blue paper--lovely.

  6. Thanks bentobird; my thoughts about the wind and the blue sky -- exactly :D
    We think alike, but I already knew that :)

  7. This cutter is gorgeous! Do you remember the name of the vendor from whom you bought it? I have been searching online for this kind of bird and have come up with nothing! I was just in San Francisco and found the typical Chinese bird (and other animal) cutters... but this is the best! (I like the double flower a lot, too.)

    Any info would be great! Thanks so much. Beautiful stuff on your blog!

  8. Oh, gosh, Rosie. I don't know the name! It's across from Golden Gate Bakery (kind of). But I haven't seen it again at the shop either. I think they might just stock up on whatever cutters they feel like. Do you live in the area? There are cutters in The Wok Shop also, but they aren't consistent either.
    Thanks for your visit and nice words :D

  9. Ooo-la-la!!! What an awesome cutter!! I love what you did with it!

    I live a few hours from the bay area and would drive over if I knew someone had this in stock.

    Please keep us posted if you ever rediscover them : )

    I enjoy your creations....lot's of love in them!


  10. Thank you Lee!
    I know, this cutter has a nice flow to it. I have to check out the shops as often as I can because you just never know. I found my beautiful dragon cutter in a dusty old shop in the corner of the front window (not even stocked in the store itself). I should just stock up and have them available for my blog friends :o)
    So sweet to share your nice words. Appreciate it much!