Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jook and Taiyaki Thermal Bento

Jook Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
Today's bento showcases a couple new things I got during New Year festivities, both in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We spent the past 4 day weekend roadtripping to L.A. to visit with family for New Year's and Valentines celebrations, and managed to slip in a bit of shopping too ^_^ !

First, notice the cute froggie thermal bento! I finally got one, since I've seen a few other bloggers use it, and it turned out to be perfect for this jook bento. I put jook (congee/rice porridge) in the thermal part with chopped scallions, and mixed stir-fried veggies in the upper smaller container. This little container has a lid of its own. You set it in the thermal and it sits on top; there's a larger screwtop handled lid which goes on top of it all.

Second, you'll notice his fruit box contains a new item: taiyaki! Along with mandarin, grapes and strawberry there lies a fish pancake, traditionally filled with red bean paste. I got a new taiyaki pan at Marukai in L.A.'s Little Tokyo last weekend, and couldn't wait to try it out! I used a whole wheat multigrain waffle batter and cooked it stovetop on my gas flame. It was pretty easy! I didn't expect it to go that well, so wasn't even prepared with fillings. But I did try chocolate, and that was gooood. I wasn't sure how much I could use without it exploding, but it turns out that the batter doesn't expand that much so I could have used a lot more fillings. I'll try that next time for sure. Oh, I almost forgot, can taiyaki count as pancake for Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day?

Back to the bento routine after a long, fun weekend off!


  1. HEHEHE I've been looking at buying the same thermal frog :) I just can't figure out how it works... Does the food in the bottom get all over the container that sits on top? Does it keep it warm? The taiyaki looks soo good!

  2. Oh-ho-ho... of course taiyaki counts for pancake day! Love it.

    Jook...mmmm mmm good!

    How fun to slip in a little bit of bento shopping while on family road trip. Sounds like you had lots of fun.

  3. Wuah! Your taiyaki is so great! This will bring good luck for you and family :) Love the new thermal container, cute. And good choice to put congee inside. Shopping while travelling is definitely a must LOL :D

  4. Family trip sounds so fun, thank you for sharing the delightful results of your travels/shopping with us! Taiyaki is golden and so charming--you've got me motivated to try my pan!

  5. i never knew what taiyaki was - sounds fabulous! and the new thermal bento jar is adorable... what a wonderful, filling, happy and cozy meal!

  6. Oh My - that little fish pancake (waffle) is adorable. I too, have never heard of taiyaki - we're coming over for a sample. What a fun visit.

    We just found out we will be moving to Northern CA - so I'm hoping I will be able to find some bento goodies a bit more easily in our new city. Not a whole lot of Asian choices here in Arizona.

    Beautiful work as always.

  7. Love the new froggie bento! The taiyaki is amazing! Sounds like it would be so delicious with chocolate filling, I think it would certainly count for mardi gras pancakes!

  8. Ooooh jook, is such a comfort food!!! I'm loving the thermal container too. :D Your homemade Taiyaki is absolutely perfect!

  9. This bento is so homey. I've been looking at a taiyaki pan on jlist (it's in my wish list right now) your taiyaki looks great I'm inspired.

  10. Angi,
    It's a really cute thermal frog :) The food in the bottom can touch the container on top, so your kid has to keep it upright. Not sure how long the food will stay warm, but keep in mind the food in the little container will also be warm (so don't put fruits in there). The taiyaki made me very happy! It was fun to make! Thanks!

    Debra, thanks! I would be happy for everyday to be pancake day :) Always on the lookout for bento stuff too...

    Thanks Lia! Love this cute thermal too. Taiyaki to bring luck? Better make more then! Thank you for your nice words!

    Bentobird, thank you! Hope to see your taiyaki creations too!

    megan, taiyaki is sooo good. It's best to buy it freshly made from a vendor, soft and hot!! Making it at home is fun too, as I found out! Thank you!

    Congrats on the relocation! I think you will adore northern CA. Not only can you come over for taiyaki, but you can find your own pan here, and there's a vendor in Japantown too! Thanks!

    Hi Jenn! Thanks a lot!! Thanks for the mardi gras pancake vote too, hehe!

    Hi Susan, we love jook too! Thanks a lot; I'm excited to try some fillings next time!

    Thank you Marisa, I hope you get the taiyaki pan; if I can do it, anyone can! Plus it's really pretty!