Monday, February 22, 2010

Chicken & Sweet Potato Bento

Since today is National Sweet Potato Day (you learn all kinds of things via twitter), I decided to toss in two kinds of sweet potato into MisterMan's bento to celebrate. I steamed regular orange and Okinawan purple sweet potatoes, cut them into flower shapes, and lay them in. I also put some roast chicken in lettuce wrap, quick pan-fried garlic enoki mushrooms, steamed broccoli with tiny maroon carrot flowers, starcut carrots and a grape tomato.

In the fruit section I place a giant, juicy red strawberry, some red grapes (underneath), and some yellow carrot stars on blood orange slices with the rinds cut off, like I saw ehmeelu do yesterday. I like the cool effect.

I used a kind of indigo dyed cloth-like paper for background. I can't remember where I got it, but it came in a big sheet which you fold up like fabric although it's actually paper. And do you see the cute Keroppi pair?
They are a gift from a very, very thoughtful and sweet bento friend!! I LOVE them; thank you!!!

On to other news:
I was so fortunate as to receive the following award from Natesgirl of Give Peas A Chance.

Thank you so much!! I am so flattered and honored. You should take a look at her blog; she is so talented -- making bento, cooking, baking, crafting... and raising a beautiful family to boot! Wow!
Since I have already told you several things about myself in an earlier post, I won't bore you again...but I will pass this award on to one of my favorite bloggers, Lia of MyBentolicious. If you don't already know how amazing Lia's bento skills are, you must take a look at her blog and discover for herself!


  1. A burst of color for these "pre-spring" days! Very lovely. Yay for National Cook a Sweet Potato Day!"
    Congratulations on your award too!

  2. Double thanks, Debra! From one sweet potato lover to another :)

  3. Sheri, thanks a lot for passing me the award! I feel honored *muach*. I learn a lot about combining the food colors from your bento. This bento is gorgeous. I like the colors of blood orange and yellow carrot, so contrast. You did it for 'National Cook a Sweet Potato Day' (^.^)

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  5. So simple, so elegent, so colorful. Could spring be near.

  6. Looks great! Especially the purple! I don't often see that colour in bento boxes , but it's one of my favourite colours!

  7. Super yummy and those blood orange slices look quite incredible! The beautiful striated OSP reminds me of Japanese morning glory seeds I'm excited to order for the garden...lovely, vivid bento and yay for sweet potatoes!

  8. Gorgeous, yummy bento! That roasted chicken looks delicious among all of the beautiful fruits and veggies!

  9. Lia, my pleasure! Thank you for always being so encouraging with my bento which aspire to be as pretty and sweet as yours :)

    Thanks! I hope you're right about Spring...

    Thanks Bento Box, it's my favorite color too!

    Thanks bentobird, I love morning glory, and lucky for me, it's an easy vine to grow! Can't wait for flower season :)

    Thanks a lot Susan!

  10. sorry i missed this one sheri - it's beautiful, with all the different shaped and colored flowers! and the new kerroppi set is too cute!

  11. Thanks megan, and thanks for taking time to stop by!! Appreciate it :)

  12. Those Keroppi utensils are so adorable!!