Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yakisoba Bento and Happy Mama Blogger Award

Yakisoba Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I made yakisoba for this bento, with (store-bought) spinach noodles, baby bok choy, mushrooms, chicken, carrots, garlic and green onion. A huge batch, for dinners and lunches - yay! Cucumber baran, yellow carrot skewer, peach (!?), star radish, purple potato slices, strawberry, blackberries and raspberry. MisterMan will love this bento; he had thirds for dinner!

Yakisoba is a great go-to quick and easy meal (I have lots of these; have you noticed?) especially when you use readymade noodles. I use spinach noodles for the nice green color. You simply toss in whatever veggies you have available (sound familiar? It's the same with fried rice!). We're running low on the fresh fruit, but I can still find a nice strawberry here and there. Not sure where this peach came from, but it is definitely past peach season! I'm happy to still have purple potatoes around, for that jolt of color. It'll be a challenge to keep the bento "happy and fresh" throughout the coming winter months. We'll see if I can manage it :)

And finally, thanks to Lia of MyBentolicious for passing this award to me! Lia's blog is full of cute and adorable bento ideas. She never seems to run out of sweet little touches to make the bento look nice. I get lots of ideas from her. I would like to pass on this award to some other fun and happy mamas:


  1. Even though you were running low on the fresh fruit but you can still manage to make a pretty bento and do all the color combination there. Bravo!! Spinach noodle ... it seems interesting (^.^)

  2. Pretty little bento! I still pick up ideas from you everyday.

  3. thanks for your comment!! I look forward to getting better at bento! congrats on the mama blog award; how sweet.

  4. Hi Rachel! Thanks, I really did like your post ~ glad to have found you and your blog ^_^
    Happy bento-ing!

  5. Congratulation Sherimiya!! I think this avard is the right one for you ;) And with your lovely bento you showed this again hehe ^-^

  6. Lil'chan, Thank you, you are so sweet :)