Monday, November 23, 2009

Eggplant with Pork

I found these baby eggplants at the farmers market last weekend, and they were so cute! I picked up a bunch so I could make eggplant with pork. It's supposed to be a spicy dish with chili peppers, but I call it Eggplant with Pork because, as you'll see, I omit the chili.

First, make the sauce with the following:
2t. minced fresh ginger
2t. minced garlic
3T shoyu
2t. sugar
2t. vinegar
1t. cornstarch
(crushed red pepper, to taste)

Then, cut the eggplant into 1 inch slices. Heat oil in a frying pan until hot, and add the eggplant and fry until tender. I kind of browned mine a bit, but it's okay. Remove from pan and blot excess oil. Then add 1/2 lb. ground pork to the pan and cook, remove and drain oil. Heat the sauce in the pan, then add back the eggplant and pork. Mix together until thoroughly mixed.

It would look redder if I added the chili! But with my kids, I have to leave it out, and add it to adults' portions later. Serve over rice. Yum! See it in my boy's bento today.


  1. Love the recipe Sheri, thanks for sharing. I think I can make this one at home hehehe :o)

  2. First of all, I love that dish that you have the eggplant in! Beautiful bento as always (on Flikr). :)

  3. hey we cook this at home too! good dish.

  4. Thanks Lia, yeah, I think you should try it! My recipes are all super easy so I don't have too much to remember.. :)

    Susan, thanks! That dish is from Daiso -- they have all kinds of cool shapes :)

    Thanks javapot, yeah I think it is a common dish! And a good way to eat eggplant, esp. for kids :)

  5. This sounds delicious ;)
    The recipe seems to be the right for me, because I don't like spicy meals either.

  6. Thanks Lil'chan! I hope you can try it, it's easy and tasty to make :)