Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vinegar Chicken and Rice Bento

Vinegar Chicken and Rice Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
A simple yet brightly colorful bento lunch for my boy. Red wine vinegar chicken (recipe from maki at, 2-color carrot skewer, roasted tomato & artichoke with feta, brown rice makizushi with 2 color sweet potato detail, peapods and a tiny yellow pear garden tomato balloon. Fruit side has dinosaur egg plum, black grapes and blackberry.
If you ever find yourself out of ideas to beautify your bento, perhaps you can take a tip from me: sometimes just a small flower or leaf cutout is enough to draw the eye to a corner and bring a sense of nature and serenity. I will often not take the effort to cut any fancy characters or themes, due to lack of time or energy! But I think the bento still looks nice this way. I also like the contrast of an organized skewer of vegetables amidst the general randomness. You may notice that many of my bento look similar to this one. I think a simple presentation shows a calming kind of respect to the natural beauty of the food. Just my opinion.


  1. Is vinegar chicken like adobo chicken? You bento looks beautiful and delish as always!

  2. You are absolutely right! Sometimes a small piece of decoration is enough ;) That's the reason why I often add stars to mine ^-^
    Your Bento looks fresh and healthy as always. I love your compositions. And even if all your bento look the same way, every single one is also unique. =^-^=

  3. You are right Sheri. I agree that small decorations can really make the difference. I never get bored/tired to just look at all your bento. They always well arranged, fresh with an extra ordinary colors. You have your own style which is excellent (^.^)

  4. I love your view re laying out a bento!!! I think I will adopt it!! THANKS!!!!!

  5. It is true. A little order makes chaos okay. Someone said that I think. And now for the holidays...ahhh

  6. Angi, I think the spices are similar, but adobo sauce is pretty thick while this chicken doesn't really have much sauce at all; it's pretty light. It's super easy, you might like it!

    Lil'chan, Lia, eilismaura, and Judy: thanks so much for your supportive comments!

    Seems we are all of the same mind. This is why it's so nice to share our bento creations with each other -- we all benefit from the rich ideas coming from everywhere in the world. I thank you ladies for this wonderful community :)