Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shiso Honey Pork Bento

Shiso Honey Pork Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.

In MisterMan's bento: Shiso-honey pork with broccoli, sauteed green beans and little "cupcake" onigiri with furikake and tiny cherry tomato. Satsuma mandarin, grapes, kiwi and strawberry for dessert.So happy with the satsumas these days!

For this recipe you can use pork chops, but I used thin pork slices since it's easier for kids to eat this way. For 1 pound of meat, make the following sauce and marinate the meat 4 hours or overnight. Reserve 1/4 cup for basting.

1 cup honey

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup finely julienned shiso leaves (recipe calls to marinate in it, but I opted to add mine later)

1t. kosher salt

1t. fresh ground black pepper

Brown the meat on the grill or pan, then add reserved sauce. I added shiso at the end, cut into little pieces with kitchen shears. It has a nice sweet taste with sharp contrast of shiso. I forgot to take pictures, but you can see my boy's bento here. I forgot to add the shiso to his portion, oops :)


  1. I usually only use shiso to wrap bbq meats, never know that shiso can be used for marinate. Perfect bento as always ... and love that tiny cherry tomato :o)

  2. Looks sooo Yummy! Thank's for the recipe. I like the colors. Really exploding, hehe.

    Have a nice day! ^-^

  3. the recipe sounds great, i like the bento arrangement.

  4. Hi Lia! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I love the mini foods too (you already know that!) Yeah, shiso is so good with pork, even in marinade :)

    Thanks Lil'chan! You can tell I (perhaps,over)use color a lot!!

    Thanks javapot! I hope you can try it :)

  5. Sheri, I passed the 'Happy Mama Blogger Award' to you. Please pick it up at my blog. Congratulations!! Thanks (^.^)