Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Flowers Bento

Three Flowers Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
This round bento box always seems to call out for flowers, for some reason. It's also my favorite "box", because the food seems to look nice with minimal effort at arranging.

MisterMan has chicken lettuce wraps, red (Bhutanese) mixed rice with furikake, sweet potato maple leaves, purple and gold cauliflower, romanesco, yellow pear tomatoes. Fruit section has satsuma mandarins, strawberry, blackberry and raspberries. The lavender flowers are steamed purple potato with steamed purple carrot centers.

These purple potatoes seem to be different from the black-skinned purple potatoes I get from the farmers market in that the flesh is much lighter in color. Both types taste just the same as regular potatoes (to me), and perhaps next time I'll cook both together to compare. Maybe you have noticed that I like purple hues... if there is a purple food to be had, you can be sure I will be determined to obtain it :)


  1. what a pretty bento! I wish I had the time to do this for my daughter! I can barely make it out the door on time for work in the morning! That's such a pity because I have so much bento gear. My 6 year old doesn't eat so much either. Do your kids generally finish all the contents of their bentos? btw, I love purple potatoes and yams too and I even grow my own purple potatoes. It's so easy!
    Love your blog!

  2. Another beautiful bento! I love the wraps. They look especially delicious!

    And I can understand why you love ourole food. It looks great! I hope, some day, I will find this vegetables, too. ^-^

  3. Your purple foods are excellent. You are so lucky to have them. I look at them on my monitor and I think my eyes can't blink for a moment hahaha ... Pretty bento as always and sure is delicious (^.^)

  4. Another beautiful bento! is the cauliflower raw or cooked? my boys never seems to enjoy raw cauliflower, any tips? thanks ^.^

  5. "....if there is a purple food to be had, you can be sure I will be determined to obtain it."
    Wonderful quote, and another thing we have in common!

  6. Hi Cakebrain! Thanks for your great comment! I don't have lots of time in the morning either; I make the bento the night before. My 6 year old will eat mostly anything, but I make sure not to put too much of any one thing. It's great that you grow your own potatoes! I would love to do the same! I really hope you can make use of your bento gear, maybe just for a small fruit snack to start?

    Hi Lil'chan! Yep, I am a huge fan of purple! Glad to find I am not the only one :) I hope you find some one day too... perhaps you might even be able to grow some!

    Thank you Lia! The purple is pretty bright! Best not to use too much so as not to blind my cyber friends, I think!

    Just a MOM, the cauliflower is steamed, so it's not as crunchy. Perhaps you might be able to add ranch dressing or hummus as a dip? Sometimes I roast them with potatoes, olive oil and garlic powder too.

    Thank you bentobird! I think I have found a kindred purple spirit :)

  7. So perfect and pretty, it really looks like art! It wouldn't last very long with me, because it looks so delicious too. :)

  8. wow this is a very pretty bento. good job