Monday, October 12, 2009

Goldfish Bento

Goldfish Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I stir-fried spinach yakisoba with shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, garlic and green onion; no meat because I didn't have any. Topped with carrot goldfish. These goldfish cutters are handmade with built-in eye cutouts; very intricate and precise. I have found that carrots are the optimal substrate for this cutter: they are the desired color, and they are stiff enough to hold up well to display the lovely curved shape. If you cooked sweet potato only until firm, you might get a nice result (but I like sweet potato much softer).
I also quick-sauteed horenso (spinach) in garlic and shoyu and topped with sesame seeds. Satsumaimo / Okinawan sweet potato flowers (I could have used my double flower cutter for this one, but instead I used a simple cutter for the flower, and cut out the center circle using a bit of straw -- easy and convenient!), purple cauliflower and tricolor tomato skewer. Fruit side has strawberries, raspberry, blueberries and plum.
This is quite a bright and colorful one! I think it might be the ultra-violet purple background ;)


  1. Have you tried cutting the sweet potato raw and then cooking to see if it holds up? That's what I do, but I don't have any cutters that complex!

  2. That would probably work, but it's too many steps for me...!! It might even work on the cooked sweet potato, but I don't bother to try since the carrot is the same color. I might try it with the purple and white colored sweet potatoes though, just to see how it works :)

  3. hey, cute goldfish. i have a softspot for them.

  4. I love you goldfish cutters! They trigger a nostalgic memory but it just doesn't get close enough to grab... oh yes, I had some stationary as a child with that type of fish! :))

    Your bento makes me hungry... our dinner guests are late ;)

  5. Oh, I think I had that stationary too!! And I think a scarf or handkerchief... thanks for spending your wait visiting my pics gnoegnoe!! ^-^ !!