Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern Musubi Bento

Jack-O-Lantern Musubi Bento, originally uploaded by sherimiya ♥.
I have made lots of Halloween themed bento so far this season, and I think this one is my favorite. I don't usually make onigiri because my boy doesn't love rice all that much. I think he would rather have something more interesting! But I really wanted to try to make a pumpkin riceball. Now I see why so many people like to make riceball kyaraben; their chubby faces are so cute! So I am pleased with how the "carved" pumpkin turned out, and I think the little floral touches add some charm to this otherwise "plain" bento :)

MisterMan has fish / lettuce "tacos" with homemade tartar sauce in container underneath. Roasted supersweet mini red pepper and red cherry tomato add color. Carrot rice Jack-o-lantern. Satsumaimo and Okinawan sweet potato flowers.

Fruit side has late season peaches, blackberries (kind of tart!) and black grapes.


  1. been following your halloween posts, and I think this one is my favorite too! I LOVE the flowers, and I'm partial to onigiri... Also, I'm super impressed that your son eats fish tacos! : )

  2. Thanks Rach!
    Fish tacos are a hit when you can smear homemade tartar sauce (mayo, sweet pickle relish, onions and lemon juice)!

  3. Love your bentos!!! My favorite is the spider one from the other day with the cool yellow eyes and fangs. Awesome field trip bento too. :)

  4. another cute bento. did u mix pumpkin into the onigri?

  5. I agree, my favorite too! looks great!

  6. I maybe too greedy but I love all your bento ... (^.^)

  7. Thanks Susan!
    Javapot, I used shredded carrot, but that would have been a great idea :) Thanks!
    Thanks amanda and Lia... you're both so sweet!